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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Fighting Dry Winter Air? Save Money - Use a Rumidifier! [Review Plus Giveaway]

Kawartha Lakes Mums - Need A Cost Effective Dry Air Solution? Try Rumidifier! 

Rumidifier, an eco-friendly, cost effective dry air solution quietly fights dry air without extra electrical costs. We were pleased to receive a Rumidifier to test drive in our home.
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How does the Rumidifier work?
Glad you asked!

Rumidifier - Canadian Innovation Fights Dry Air  In Eco-Friendly Way

How does dry winter air affect your family? Chapped lips? Dry cracked skin? Nosebleeds? Dry air not only takes a toll on our bodies, but also our wallet. Did you know moist air feels warmer so we're more comfortable with a lower thermostat?
We were thrilled to get a Rumidifier to test out in our home. The Rumidifier, a recent Canadian solution to dry air is a very cost effective way to increase humidity in homes during the dry winter months.

What is a Rumidifier?

The award-winning Rumidifier is a unique, patented,noiseless room humidifier which works without any electricity!
On average, Rumidifier helps a customer save $20 per year! So not only is the Rumidier very Environmentally friendly, but also Economically viable.
When you consider the hydro savings,you're getting the product at a negative cost! 
What else do we love?
  • No need to unplug when you go to work,
  • No need to plug in when you're back home,
  • No messy cords on your way,
  • No switches and controls to worry about,
  • Automatically cycles ON/OFF automatically,
  • Will never breakdown,
  • Just fit and forget,
  • All for $39.95

Our Rumidifier Experience

We found the Rumidifier very easy to set up and use. The Rumidifier is lightweight and portable, yet sturdy so we could easily move it from room to room. The built in medicine tray will be handy later in the season, and clean up is super simple - it's dishwasher safe! The Rumidifier has a daily output of up to 2 litres and holds 4 litres of water. Depending on how dry your home is, a Rumidifier will put humidity into the air for up to 48 hours.
The filter is an organic filter made of wood pulp fibre and can be composted or put in a green bin in communities where they are available.
Here is a video showing the Rumidifier being used in our Kawartha Lakes home.

What a great silent partner in battling dry air. It is an Eco-friendly GREEN humidifier with zero operating cost. 
Rumidifier Uses No Power

Designed to be energy efficient, noise free, maintenance free, cordless, and compact, stand alone, lightweight, and easy to assemble, install and operate, the Rumidifier won "Green Product" award winner at the 2012 Exploriem Entrepreneur Network award ceremony.
Rumidifier Silently Adds Humidity

Where Can You Get A Rumidifier?

The Rumidifier is now available in a choice of two colours. Do you have dark floors? You might prefer the Rumdifier in Walnut.
image Eco friendly Rumidifier Now Available in Walnut too!
Rumidifier Now Available in Walnut too!
Rumidifier is available at Home Depot and Home Hardware. 
In City of Kawartha Lakes, you can Home Hardware Stores are located in :
  • Bobcaygeon - 9 Joseph Street
  • Coboconk - 6663 Cameron Street
  • Fenelon Falls - 149 Lindsay Street
  • Lindsay - 207 Kent Street and 220 Lindsay Street South
An exciting new whole home dry air solution from Rumidifier will soon be available too ! Watch the Rumidifier website for an announcement!

Win A Rumidifier!

We will be posting a the Giveaway for the Rumidifier very soon! Book mark this page and wathe for this link to go live - Rumifdifier Giveaway.
What do you love best about Rumidifier?
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