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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Kawartha Lakes #Arts - Forgotten - Peter Pan History!

Kawartha Lakes Mums - What Happened to Peter Pan and Wendy After Neverland?

Forgotten, a new play written and directed by Kawartha Lakes playwright Altaire Gural explores what happened to Peter Pan after Neverland. This post contains historical notes about Peter Pan, details of the play Forgotten, a trailer, and resources.
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image Kawartha Lakes Mums Blogged - Peter Pan Revisited : History and New Play Forgotten
Kawartha Lakes Mums Blogged - Peter Pan Revisited : History and New Play Forgotten
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Peter Pan - Historical Notes

Peter Pan and other characters from the story by J.M Barrie have appeared in many different media. including:
  • 1902 - Peter Pan first appeared in the adult novel The Little White Bird, by J.M Barrie. 
  • 27 December 1904, a stage play Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up.
  • 1906 - Chapters 13-16 of The Little White Bird republished as Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, with the addition of illustrations by Arthur Rackham.
  • 1907 - Peter Pan Picture Book
  • 1911 - Children's Novel Peter and Wendy based on the 1904 stage play 
  • 1924 - Silent film based on the play Peter Pan.
  • 1950  - Musical the Leonard Bernstein Broadway stage adaptation of the play.
  • 1953  - Animated Film by The Walt Disney Company based on the play Peter Pan.
  • 1954 - Peter Pan Broadway musical adaptation of the play featuring Mary Martin. Telecast live on TV twice, and afterwards videotaped for future telecasts.
  • 1987 - Peter Pan and the Only Children- unauthorized Prequel, Sequel by Gilbert Adair.
  • 1989 - Return to Neverland - by Toby Forward first published work when Peter Pan became public domain involves a computer game
  • 1990's - Animated TV show - Peter Pan and the Pirates.
  • 1991 - Peter Pan Illustrated  by Scott Gustafson Highly recommended by School Library Journal for Grades 3- 7 a beautiful gift
  • 1991 - Hook - Steven Spielberg Movie starring Robin Williams as a grown up Pan
  • 2002 - Animated Film by The Walt Disney Company Return to Never Land sequel to 1953 film.
  • 2003 - Disney Movie, first live-action sound film based on the play, directed by P.J. Hogan
  • 2006 - Children's Novel Peter Pan in Scarlet an authorized sequel to 1911 novel.
  • December 4, 2014 Peter Pan Live!, live television special and new production of the 1954 musical adaptation of Peter Pan, broadcast on NBC.
  • December 13, 2014 - Forgotten Stage play by Altaire Gural, an exploartion of how personalities affect romance.
The Little White Bird - A Book Born of Unrequited Love?
Does it surprise you that Peter Pan first appeared in an adult novel? Like many characters that have made their way into popular Disney movies, Pater Pan was introduced to readers in an adult novel - Chapter 14 of The Little White Bird.  The Little White Bird. is a rather strange novel written from the viewpoint of a class conscious stalker who takes a fancy to a young woman, then attempts to order her life from afar through rather odd means. Eventually, he even spends time with her son for whom he creates the story of Peter Pan.
J.M. Barrie creates Peter Pan as a baby boy who flies from a window that has no protective bars on it, and becomes a creature half-way between the human, bird and fairy world. Pan in this book is modelled after Pan from myth and legend, and plays Pan Pipes.
J.M. Barrie based Pan, and other characters in his book on "the Davies Boys" children to whom he became guardian following their parents' death from cancer. Much conjecture has been made about his relationship with the boys. Finding Neverland with Johnny Depp offers a fictionalized account of the romance behind the story.
The original Peter Pan is available as an audio book read by a variety of notable personalities including Jim Dale.

What Happened After Neverland?

Perhaps the most well known sequel to the Neverland Story is Hook.

Hook Bilingual DVD BluRay 
7.96 Amazon Canada
Hook, a movie in which after Neverland was explored featured Robin Williams as a grown up Peter Pan. Peter Banning a lawyer who has forgotten his past as young Peter Pan, has become a pirate, until an elderly Wendy reminds him of his past in order to save his children from Hook in Neverland.

Forgotten, a new play by Altaire Gural, also explores what happens after Neverland.

NEW Kawartha Lakes Play Revisits Pater Pan in Original Style - Forgotten.

Forgotten Synposis
Forgotten, a Lindsay Little Theatre production, will be playing at the Academy Theatre December 13 2 pm and 7:30 pm Set in the early 1900’s. this new play, director Altaire Gural reveals what happens when the boy who never wanted to grow up finally does and the one girl he wanted to remember him… has Forgotten. This is the story of Peter and Wendy after Neverland.
In an interview with Catherine Whitnall of Kawartha Lakes This Week, Ms. Gural shared that growing up she never liked the disassociative personality given to Peter Pan, and was encouraged to write a sequel after a chance meeting with a Penguin Books UK associate. The playwright whose version of Through the Looking Glass was presented in October, Adaire's newest  play examines how personalities affect romance.
Sponsored by Ward, the same legal firm that sponsors Haunt Your Home, the trailer for Forgotten, appears dark, foreboding and slightly gothic in tone. The music for the introduction appears to be the same as that used for the Random House Peter Pan audio book read by Jim Dale.
If the trailer reflects the play accurately, the heavy emphasis on psychology, would not make this a family entertainment. Forgotten seems to have the hallmarks of a gothic thriller.
Forgotten-Post Neverland Play - Gothic Thriller?
The play, with a cast of 40 adults and children varies from most productions in that different actors will be taking part in the matinee and the evening performance, so you might wish to purchase tickets for both performances.
Tickets can be purchased in person, by phone, or online. Visit the Lindsay Little Theatre Website for performance times and ticket prices at the link in related links below.
Here is a collection of Peter Pan Versions Available on Amazon Canada.
What is your favourite Peter Pan version?
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