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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Google Analytics Reveal Who Really Reads Kawartha Lakes Mums!

Kawartha Lakes Mums Asks - Do You Know Who Reads Your Blog?

 Kawartha Lakes Mums' google analytics is showing us who really reads our blog posts. This post has a few tips on using Google analytics that may help you use google analytics more effectively to reach your target audience too.
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Do you want to find out if you're reaching your target audience, and what interests the visitors to your website?
Have you explored the Audience Interest category in your Google Analytics profile?

Kawartha Lakes Mums Readers Interests - According to Google Analytics

While your audience interest category can tell you the interests of all the visitors to your site or blog, what we are really interested in first of all is posting information that is of interest to the people who really read our blog - in other words, people who stay on our blog long enough to actually read something.
Are you looking for that information too?
You can gain access to this information by adding a Non- Bounced segment to your Audience Interests analytics report, and clicking "Apply".
Kawartha Lakes Mums - Examining Google Analytics Non-Bounced Visits
What are non-bounced visits?
These non-bounced visits last at least one minute on your website. These visitors are really reading your content and exploring your website.
Most of our non-bounced visitors come from Canada, as shown in orange in the diagram below.
Kawartha Lakes Mums Readers - Mostly Canada
and while naturally many of our readers come from the City of Kawartha Lakes, we also have gained a number of readers from other countries as well.
Kawartha Lakes Mums Readers - Cities

What Interests Kawartha Lakes Mums Readers?

According to Google Analytics, Kawartha Lakes Mums readers for June were interested in:
  • 15.16% Employment 
  • 11.95% Home & Garden/Home & Garden Services/Landscape Design 
  • 9.91% Real Estate/Residential Properties 
  • 8.75% Real Estate/Residential Properties/Residential Properties (For Sale) 
  • 8.75% Real Estate/Residential Properties/Residential Properties (For Sale)/Houses (For Sale)/Preowned Houses (For Sale) 
  • 8.45% Gifts & Occasions/Holiday & Seasonal Items 
  • 7.29% Gifts & Occasions 
  • 5.83% Education/Primary & Secondary Schools (K-12) 
  • 3.79% Home & Garden/Home & Garden Services 
  • 3.79% Home & Garden/Home Furnishings
According to Market Affinity, our visitors are connected with people who are:
  • 7.11% Movie Lovers 
  • 6.49% Home Decor Enthusiasts 
  • 6.38% TV Lovers 
  • 5.44% Travel Buffs 
  • 5.23% Shoppers/Shopaholics 
  • 5.02% Music Lovers 
  • 4.81% Family-Focused 
  • 4.81% News Junkies & Avid Readers 
  • 4.71% Cooking Enthusiasts/Aspiring Chefs 
  • 3.97% Health & Fitness Buffs 
In contrast, visitors who momentarily visited Kawartha Lakes Mums are interested in:
  • 4.28% Employment 
  • 3.71% Real Estate/Residential Properties 
  • 3.50% Home & Garden/Home & Garden Services/Landscape Design 
  • 3.46% Home & Garden/Home Furnishings 
  • 3.43% Gifts & Occasions 
  • 3.39% Travel/Hotels & Accommodations 
  • 2.93% Real Estate/Residential Properties/Residential Properties (For Sale) 
  • 2.86% Apparel & Accessories 
  • 2.76% Autos & Vehicles/Motor Vehicles/Motor Vehicles (Used) 
  • 2.72% Dating Services
So what does this mean for Kawartha Lakes Mums future content?
Well, perhaps to encourage some of our bounced visitors to stay a little longer and explore a few more articles, we might see if there are some professionals who would like to share articles on some of the topics our bounced visitors are interested in like apparel and accessories, employment tips, landscaping, and purchasing homes.
However, one topic we will not be adding is dating services - it simply doesn't fit with our demographic.
Do Kawartha Lakes Mums readers match your target audience?
Would you like to advertise on our blog?
Drop us a comment, or connect with us in one of these ways. We love chatting with our readers!:
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