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Monday, 24 August 2015

Top 10 Family Fun Things to Do Before Summer Ends!

Kawartha Lakes Mums Asks: What Are Your Top 10 Last Minute Family Fun Summer Ideas? 

Did summer fly by you too? Here is a list of some fab family fun ideas to squeeze in before September hits that won't break the bank.
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What is on your list of Top 10 Family Fun things to do before summer ends? Get our free printable Summer Bucket List or read a few of our ideas.
Here are a few ideas we think you might enjoy

Top 10 Things to Do Before Their Summer Ends 

 September 8th is around the corner.
Are your kids already dreading back to school?
 If you’re anything like us, you had a bunch of fun stuff planned this summer that you never got around to doing.
So if you’ve got a couple of weeks left before school begins — and you’re looking for anidea to make this summer memorable— here are a few ideas we collected from around the net.
End your sumer with a BANG that won't break the bank!

  1.  Go Backyard Camping Camping away from home not your thing? Have you tried camping in the backyard? Set out a nice family-size tent in the backyard, roll out a few blankets, cook a few s’mores, and the kids will have a blast. Need to wee? The bathroom’s right inside. No need to trek trough the brambles. THIS IS A MAJOR PLUS. 
  2. Family Cooking Week Have you seen the TV show where families learn to function better in their kitchen? . If your children are old enough, designate next week “Family Cooks Week.” Assign each family member — including dad — a night to plan, prepare, and serve their favorite meal (with help, if needed). Here are some coupons to help stretch that budget!
  3. Go Star Gazing Have an afternoon nap, then after midnight, when most mosquitos are gone, sit outdoors and watch the stars go by. Borrow some binoculars and a book of the stars, and try your hand at identifying some constellations. 
  4. Dive Into a Provincial Park Are your kids swimming pool fiends in the summer? Kawartha Lakes has a tonne of great beaches, 4 Provincial Parks, 2 indoor pools and even some splash pads for wee ones to enjoy. Are your children looking for a change? Pack a picnic and head out to a new water spot! It’s a great way to cool off on a summer weekend. It’s still crazy-hot and around this time of year, crowds are starting to thin out a little. And (Tip: Don’t forget the sunscreen.)
  5. Take the Kids to the Farmers Market Kawartha Lakes has fab famers markets - Farm Fresh fresh fruit and veggies are a fantastic way to introduce your kids to healthy food. Want even fresher? Why not go on a tour of farm gate stands right at the farms themselves! Fussy eaters? Take the kids with you and let them each pick out something themselves. Looking for an bit more adventure? Why not pick your own veggies at one of Kawartha Lakes pick your own farms! 
  6. Fire Up the Grill OK , maybe you've already grilled out at least once this summer. Want to spice it up a bit? Make a grilling session into a backyard party! After cooking outside, STAY out for the evening. Play kid-friendly games like bocce or ladderball. Read books together. Swing on a hammock. Enjoy the longer end of the season nights. 
  7. Stage a Breakfast Kidnapping Have you heard of a breakfast kidnapping? Surprise your kids’ friends by showing up unannounced, “kidnapping” them, and take them out for pancakes or waffles or whatever … in their pajamas (including you, mom and dad). Remember to arrange this secretly in advance with their parents by letting them know you’ll be showing up the next morning to take their kids to breakfast. Umm-leave the scary ski masks in the Halloween trunk - this is supposed to be fun - not terrifying.
  8.  Slumber Party Let the kids invite a friend or two for an old-fashioned sleepover. Have each kid bring a sleeping bag or blanket, and plop everyone down on the floor in the living room. Rent a kids movie. Pop some popcorn. Or why nit rent a  rent a karaoke machine?
  9.  Drive-In Movie Night Does your town still have a drive-in movie theatre? Kawartha Lakes is blessed with one of the few remaining Drive- In theaters in Ontario, Canada. For many families, drive-ins offer a much more relaxed atmosphere than a theatre. At a drive-in, kids can run around, wear pajamas, etc. without bothering everyone else. Kawartha Drive In even has free wifi, so the most blasé can even stay plugged in.  Enjoy great prices at Kawartha Drive In Theater on Sunday car load night or Tuesday night. OR for a really special night take in a dusk to dawn show then go for an early breakfast.
  10. Family Bike Ride When did you last go on a family bike ride? Kawartha Lakes has some great bike trails! Strap on training wheels, gather up your helmets, and head out the local park, ice cream shop, beach, or whatever destination is within a reasonable distance. Wondering about how to stifle whining? Play an Eye Spy scavenger hunt along the way AND remember to pack snacks or bottled water.

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What last minute summer ideas are on your list?
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