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Sunday, 25 October 2015

#AD #Rebates Want to Save Extra Money on Groceries? Have You Tried These Rebates?

Kawartha Lakes Mums Asks:Have You Tried Saving Grocery Money at Local Stores with Snap by Groupon?

Our family saves money on Groceries in several different ways. Are you a savvy shopper too?
FTC Disclosure: This post has referral links to our favorite shopping rebate programs so when you start saving money like we do, we will be paid a referral fee.
Budget Boosting Sample Grocery Rebates
Snap by Groupon
We like stacking grocery savings with free coupons and rebate programs like Snap by Groupon . How do we stack our savings?
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Hope these tips help.

Stacking Grocery Savings with Snap by Groupon

By stacking points, deals, coupons and rebates with programs like Checkout 51 or Snap by Groupon, we have saved hundreds of dollars on our groceries!
  1. Browse Flyers for the best deals.
  2. Look for stores that offer rewards.
  3. Match coupons with deals.
  4. Match rebates with deals, points, and coupons! 
Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about Snap by Groupon:

Snap FAQ 

What is Snap by Groupon?
Snap gives you cash back on everyday grocery purchases. Buy promoted products at any store and snap a photo of your receipt to get cash in your account. Once you earn $20 in cash back, you can request to be paid!
Where can I redeem Snap offers?
At any store! Even stores that don't accept coupons!
To get your cash back, simply use the ‘Snap Receipt’ feature to upload your receipt. They don’t care where you shop - they just need proof that you purchased one or more promoted products so that they can add cash to your account.
Can I redeem multiple offers on one receipt?
 Once you snap a photo of your receipt, you will be able to select all cash-back offers you've purchased.
Can I redeem each offer more than once?
Sometimes! Snap tries to have as few restrictions as possible on their offers, so you can often multiply your cash-back by purchasing several units of the promoted product. Each offer’s redemption limit is clearly noted on its details page, but no offer can be redeemed for more than 50 units on a single receipt.
How do I get paid?
When you’ve earned $20 or more in cash back, you can request payment.
When should I use Snap?
Browse the cash-back offers before you go shopping. You can easily save offers you like to your Snap shopping list, and add other items that you want to remember to buy. Buy promoted products at any store, and then simply upload your receipt within two (2) days of purchase to get cash back. It’s that simple!
What devices can I use Snap on?
Snap can be used on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer – just click here to get started with Snap
How do I share Snap with friends?
Go to the 'Refer A Friend' section and invite your friends. You’ll get paid $1.00 for each friend who joins Snap through your Referral Link and redeems their first eligible offer!
Are there any fees for using Snap?
Snap is absolutely FREE to use!
When do offers expire?
Offers expire either when (1) the maximum number of redemptions has been reached or (2) the product program has concluded. Expired offers will either be hidden or clearly marked as unavailable.
Why do different Snap users have different offers?
Snap does their best to make sure all of your offers are exciting and interesting to you.
Offers may be targeted based on a variety of factors. For example, location and offers you have received in the past.
When will my payment arrive?
 Typically, payments are distributed within two (2) weeks of request.
Does saving an offer to my shopping list ensure that I will be able to redeem it?
The Snap shopping list simply helps you keep track of everything you need to buy, but adding an offer to the list does not currently prevent the offer from selling out or expiring before you have the chance to redeem it.
Where is Snap available?
Great news for snowbirds! Currently, Snap is available in the both Canada and the United States!
Head over to Snap by Groupon Start saving moolah today!
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