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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Father's Day Remorse - Potential Solutions!

Kawartha Lakes Mums Asks : Have You Ever Had Father's Day Remorse?

First, let me apologize for a very belated Father's Day post. I have been very frustrated lately trying to post via mobile and frankly, was just too pooped to party on Sunday. Hopefully a new charging cord for the laptop will arrive soon.
Has this ever happened to you?
Have you ever been too overwhelmed or sick or exhausted to do something on a very special day, then felt terrible about it afterwards?
Even if we rushed out and grabbed a perfunctory card and tie, we can still feel Father's Day remorse.
Welll ... maybe it's because deep down we'really asking ourselves - Is this really what dad needs or what would really make his life more enjoyable?
For some dads - yes, but often not.
This post has a salute to my brother and some tips about aleviating some of that Father's Day remorse that may be hanging around your neck like 30 years of neck ties.

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Did you ever wondered how Father's Day started?
Its origins remind me a lot of my brother.

Father's Day Origins

Apparently, Father's Day was started by a woman in the United States when she wanted to honour her father - a veteran who had raised six children on his own.
How does this remind me of my brother?
One day, my brother was suddenly left with a young daughter and stepson to care for.
Their mother had abandoned the children with him.
My brother had always been a rough tough kind of guy into hunting,fishing, and trapping. Suddenly he had the care of two young children all on his own.
He was astounded that anyone would abandon their children like a cuckoo bird and at a loss especially what to say to the young boy who had been abandoned by both his biological parents.
I remember seeing him choke back the lump in his throat as he said to my father: "I just told him he had a home with me for as long as he wanted. I have no idea what must be going through the poor kid's mind."
So, while there may be some dead beat sperm donors out there.
 Let's salute those Fathers who have gone beyond the usual call of duty like the one Father's Day was created to honour.
This post is for you.

Belated Father's Day Gifts

Have you ever quickly grabbed a present, then right afterwards found the perfect gift?
Thankfully we don't need to wait for Father's Day to roll around again before saying "Thanks Dad."
Why do we buy perfunctory gifts?
This happens most often when people have someone difficult to buy for.
Maybe you have a dad like ours - no habits or hobbies?
Our dad mostly ate, slept, read the paper and worked.
Not one for the typical sports themed gifts right?
Well, finally this year I discovered some gift ideas that would have been perfect for our father. AND they are still being offered as Father's Day deals until June 23, 2016. Does your dad do a lot of driving? Ours did. Whether it was back and forth to hospitals or to the farm or the coffee shop, dad spent a lot of time in his car.

Be Dad's Suck

A hand held vacuum would have been really handy for dad. Dyson is offering $50 off their entire hand held line until June 23rd. Plus did you know?
Dyson Canada offers free shipping on orders over $50 !
A great savings on gas and postage rates if your dad lives at a distance.
Father's Day Promo! Save $50 on all Dyson Handhelds. Valid 6/17-6/23. A Dyson handheld would also have been handy for giving dad's mattress a through cleaning to remove dust,dander and allergens for a better night's sleep.

Show Dad You're His Biggest Fan

This heat wave has me thinking about how it would have made dad's sleep much more comfortable if he'd had one of Dyson's ultra quiet cool air fans in his room.
Have you seen these Dyson Cool Air fans in action?
They're quite remarkable.
Perfect for dads of all ages, the revolutionary design minimizes risk of injury by not having fan blades, so super great if you have little ones in the home.
Save $100 on Dyson Cool fans until June 23,2016.
With these savings,why not treat yourelf too?
Save $100 on all Dyson Cool fans.* Now until June 23.
See more info at
Dyson Canada Limited I wish I had come across these ideas years ago, when our Father was still alive.
I"m sure these gifts would have made his life more enjoyable in a very practical way and our dad really appreciated practical.
Have you ever had Father's Day Remorse?
What have you done about it?
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  1. Father'a Day Remorse is the Top Post on Kawartha Lakes Mums today.
    I was reluctant about posting about Father's Day after the weekend, but I did want to say how the origins of Father's Day reminds me of my brother.


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