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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Savings Tip - Kawartha Lakes Rodeo Advance Ticket Savings!

Kawartha Lakes Rodeo Offers Advance Ticket Savings!

June 25 Kawartha Lakes heats up with two days jam-packed with horse fun! Did you know you can save a bundle by purchasing your tickets ahead online?
Looking forward to dancing with cow pokes? Advance Saturday tickets even include FREE admission to the dance!
Navigating the ticket sales on a cell phone can be a little tricky, so here are some tips to help you get saving on those advance rodeo tickets.

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Here are links to the Rodeo Days at LEX and some tips to help with your online purchase of advance Rodeo Days tickets.
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Are you short on time, but want to get advance ticket savings for Rodeo Days at Lindsay Exhibition grounds?
Good news!
You can purchase advance tickets online and pick them up when you arrive!
What is Rodeo Days?
Rodeo Days is two days jam-packed with horse skills exhibits and fun. Rodeo Days is an annual Kawartha Lakes event and runs from June 25 to 26 in 2016.
Develop horse training skills with training kits, books and videos!

Rodeo Days Online Advance Ticket Shopping Tips

We had a bit of a tricky time figuring out how to use the online purchasing form for advance Rodeo tickets, so we thought our readers might appreciate these tips.
1. Have your credit card ready. The form accepts Master Card, Visa, and one other credit card.Maybe American Express? The contrast was too low to tell on our Samsung Galaxy. Ready? Have your credit card ready?
2.Navigate to Lindsay Exhibition Website and click BUY TICKETS

That part was easy! Ready? Now it gets a little trickier.
3.Scroll waaayyyy down the next screen to almost the bottom.

Did you find the spot to order your advance tickets? It's right below the sample ticket.
4. Now you can choose the date, type of ticket and number of tickets.Then click ADD TO CART

Are you wondering - Hey! What happened? I seem to be on the same screen! Why isn't anything happening?
You're in good company. We couldn't see the teeeeeeny tiny shopping cart at the very bottom of the screen on the dark brown band at first either.
See the shopping cart now? Ours shows 2 items and on the right, you can see the total of the purchase - $25.

Repeat for each type of ticket you wish to purchase.This next part can be veeerrrryyy tricky if you are navigating with pudgy fingers like mine.
5. Now click that teeeenyyy little shopping cart.
We recommend using a stylus if your phone has one.Actually, clicking anywhere on the skinny brown bar will take you to the checkout.

6.Check your order.
Do you have enough Rodeo Days tickets of the correct type for the days you want them?
TIP: Too many tickets? Too few tickets? You can change the number of tickets by changing the number in the box. By changing the number to 0 , you will see a pop up asking if you want to delete the tickets. If you want to delete tickets, click CONFIRM.

Want to add tickets for another day? Use the back button on your phone or browser. We're almost finished!Ready?
This next page may appear puzzling. Once again you will need to scroll waaaaayyy down to type in your name and address.

Did you find it? After putting in your contact info, click CONTINUE.

7. On the next screen click CONTINUE to show you agree that you will be picking your tickets up at Lindsay Rodeo Days.

8.Now, enter your credit card information, scroll down and click SUBMIT ORDER
If the credit card billing information is the same as your shipping address, just tick the box. It is VERY important that the billing information for the credit card be EXACT or the order will not go through.
9. You should now see an order confirmation page. Hooray! You saved a chunk of money!
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Did you find these tips helpful?
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  1. Will you be visiting Rodeo Days in Lindsay Kawartha Lakes Ontario?
    We would love to see some of your photos!


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