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Sunday, 28 August 2016

#Parenting College Kids: How to Hug Your Porcupine!

Kawartha Lakes Mums Asks : How Can You Cuddle Those Big College Kids?

Whether they admit it or not, kids heading to college, and even grown adult kids with children of their own, still could benefit from a cuddle now and then from mum or dad.
Comforting Adult Children Presents Problems: How Can You Hug Your Porcupine?

Couldn't you?
The problem is, how do you comfort a big college kid without smothering? This post has a few sneaky ways you can extend some comfort, and still let them have some space.
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Parenting Adults:
How Can You Hug Your Porcupine?
Have you ever tried hugging a porcupine?
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Our job as parents is to work ourselves out of a job, but when we see our children facing challenges, our instincts are to reach out. Since our children's job is to separate from us and establish their own identity, reaching out can be seen as trying to control or dominate them.

So how can we provide comfort?

Respectfully Comforting Your College Kid 

 When establishing new roles in comforting our adult children it can be helpful to think about things that comfort us.

Three things that researchers say give comfort and elevate mood are:

1. A soft blanket. Did you know researchers have identified soft items az being helpful in reducing pain and  elevating mood?Soft scarves, or fleece blankets can help relax a person and even ease pain.
Something  else noted as a mood lifter is looking at outdoor scenes. A warm soft fleece blanket personalized with a photo of a favourite outdoor spot could be a very welcome gift. 
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2. Warm Beverages. Some foods just mean comfort. Whether is is packages of chicken noodle soup, gift cards for their favourite coffee shop or a collection of teas,  a personalized insulated tumbler with recognition of their accomplishment could be a welcome gift.
You can choose a plain background and add a message like this or put a photo on the tumbler.
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3. Care Packages from Home. I remember when I was overseas, getting a monthly package did a lot to lift my spirits.  You could try to pack a number of lightweight items and ship them each month - however if you'really budget crunched you may find the shipping costs exorbitant. (It once cost me $35 to send a T-Shirt and a scarf!)
A great alternative is a  monthly surprise box subscription. We really like this subscription box progran featuring Fair Trade items from Artisans around the world.
This is a gift subscription that gives to others too. Each monthly box comes with a story about the people who made the items and their struggles.
Did you know that even seeing philanthropy in action can boost mood?

Are you needing a little lift too with your child spreading their wings?
Why not treat yourself to a gift that gives ?
They have a Back to School Sale on selected Fair Trade items in their shop.
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How do you hug your porcupine?
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