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Monday, 19 September 2016

Beautiful Kawartha Lakes- 3 Best Planned Places!

Seeking Kawartha Lakes Great Canadian Planned Places?

Does Kawartha Lakes have great planned spaces?
City of Kawartha Lakes has many beautiful Canadian Spaces, but a contest sponsored by The Canadian Institute of Planners looks for great planned main streets, neighborhoods or public spaces.
Canadian Places Contest Logo
So which Kawartha Lakes great Canadian places were delibetately planned and not simply products of nature or habit?

This post contains information about the annual Canada-wide search for Great Canadian Places and a few ideas to get you started for next year's contest.
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If you can snap a picture of a Great Canadian (planned) Place and present a valid argument to support your choice, you could win a prize!

Which great Kawartha Lakes places might be good candidates for this annual contest?

Three Great Kawartha Lakes Planned Places

Emily Provincial Park

One place I know was planned is Emily Provincial Park. I remember when it was just a bunch of farmer's fields and my mother remarking, "Who on earth would want to camp there out in the scorching sun?"
Now, Emily Provincial Park is one of the top Ontario destination picks for campers. However,since an admission fee is required, it may not qualify as a public space. Better put that thinking cap on again.

Kawartha Rail Trail

Would Kawartha Rail Trail qualify?
Free for everyone to enjoy, this four-season trail was originally planned as a railroad and repuposed as a trail after the trains stopped running.
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Kawartha Rail Trail runs through a great variety of terrain and the autumn foiliage view from the trestle bridge out by Omemee is spectacular at any time  of year. You can see the spectacular view in this youtube footage.
Several miles of trail are enhanced by a free downloadable MP3 tour guide of "Whistle Stops" along the way.

Lindsay Board Walk and Gardens

Wedding photographers have used the gardens west of the Kent Street bridge in Lindsay as a backdrop for years. I have no idea how long ago the gardens were initially planted to help prevent erosion and beautify the cliff that resulted when the locks were constructed to allow passage for boats through Lindsay.
Now, further enhanced with a board walk and lighting that extends to the "train park" it is a place a dear friend of mine had always wanted to meander.  If you have an inclination to meander along the Lindsay boardwalk, do it now! Do it today!

Great Canadian Places Contest

The Canadian Institute of Planners recognizes the contributions of planners by celebrating their lasting impressions on Canadian communities through the Great Places in Canada contest. This national contest invites the public to nominate and vote for a great street, public space, or neighborhood. In 2016 there were three ways to get involved:
  • Nominate a great street, neighbourhood, or public space in Canada  
  • Vote for your favourite places 
  • Share your favourite places on social media 
In 2016, the pricing worked as follows:
The Canadian Institute of Planners is pleased to provide two draw-prizes, valued at over $350.
In order to be entered to win a draw-prize, you must successfully nominate a Great Street, Great Neighbourhood, or Great Public Space.
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The chances of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received.
The nominator of the Great Place that receives the most votes from the public will also win a prize.
 Each prize includes:

  • One $300.00 prepaid credit card
  •  A one-year subscription to Plan Canada, the premier planning magazine in Canada 
 Participants may choose to nominate more than one Great Place, however only ballot into the draw will be permitted per person. Winners were notified on November 8, 2016 by telephone and email. Prize winners had to correctly answer a mathematical, time limited, skill testing question before they could claim their prize.

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Kawartha Lakes has plenty of great planned places. 
Which one would you nominate?
If you aren't able to snap a picture of your nomination,
drop us a comment, or connect with us in one of these ways.
We will share your idea with everyone!:
Thanks for Reading Kawartha Lakes Mums!
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