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Sunday, 20 November 2016

5 Fab Frugal Wedding Ideas So You Can Get Married Now!

Kawartha Lakes Families Need Frugal Wedding Ideas? Try These!

More and more people seem to have wedding timing reversed these days. How often have you heard people say," I can't get married until we have more money."
Did you know a 2014 study by two American economists found that the less you spend on your engagement ring and your wedding ceremony, the longer you tend to stay married?

image Frugal Wedding Tips @Kawartha Lakes Mums Love Larger Than Money? Try These Savvy Wedding Tips @KawarthaMums Print Superimposed on Two Hearts Joined as a Puzzle One Red One Silver
Kawartha Lakes Mums Presents Savvy Frugal Wedding Tips!
What ever happened to marrying for love, and saving up for a fantastic tenth wedding anniversary celebration?
This post has some fab frugal wedding tips to help you save big on many aspects of your wedding.
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What Frugal Wedding ideas did we find?

Here are tips from several bloggers and sources:

5 Frugal Wedding Ideas 

There are many different ways you can have a fab wedding without breaking the bank.
Here are five tips to start our Savvy Wedding Savings series

Frugal Wedding Idea 1 - Strong Ring Savings

image Frugal WEdding bands two tone diagonally milled Titanium Wedding  Bands
Frugal Wedding Idea -Titanium Band
Frugal Wedding Idea -Steel CZ Ring
 Why people emphasize expensive wedding rings, I just don't understand. What would you rather have, an expensive ring that has you in a total panic when it slips off your finger - and it will slip off your finger, or a beautiful ring you will be comfortable wearing everywhere?
There are many beautiful rings made from steel or titanium to easily fit your budget and leave you funds for more essential items - like a place to live.
Enjoy some special offers right now in the New Frugal Wedding Divas Facebook group from a OoohShinyThings Rep - a new Canadian Direct Sales Company. You can even win a ring!

Frugal Wedding Idea 2 -Go Green in White!

Kawartha Lakes Families are fortunate to have several "New to You" shops- and even a Recycled Bridal and Formal Wear! Have you visited Ballroom Beauty?
Ballroom Beauty Recycled Formal Wear is a non-profit shop which keeps glam clothes and wedding dresses from gathering dust in closets while making dreams come true.
Ballroom Beauty Recycled Formal Wear is located at Unit 4 -196 St.David Street in Lindsay Ontario . On Black Friday, November 25th, they are holding a sale : 40% off Wedding Dresses and NO Tax!
Lindsay Kawartha  Lakes
 Ball Room Beauty
Black Friday Sale
If you don't live in City of Kawartha Lakes, search the net for Recycled Wedding Wear or check your local Second hand store so you can keep the planet healthier while keeping wedding costs down.

Frugal Wedding Idea 3 - Decor: Craft Clam Shell Candles

Frugal Wedding Idea - Clamshell Candles
Kelly @CoastalKelder created these clamshell candles with pearl feet and has a great easy tutorial for these Clamshell Candles on her blog. Not only could you use these on the tables, they could also be unique wedding keepsakes for some guests.

Frugal Wedding Idea 4 - Stretch Your Flowers!

Citrus Jar Floral Centerpieces
Randi at Dukes and Duchesses shows how you can get all you wedding flowers just using 3 bouquets! Do you know Randi? You might have seen her on television if you catch some of the USA channels.
We loved this creative way to display fresh flowers using two nested class jars! See her DIY wedding ideas on the Dukes and Duchesses Blog

Frugal Wedding Idea 5 - Bake Your Cake

Kawartha Lakes Mums Frugal Wedding Tip 5. Bake Your Cake
Did you know there are a tonnes of online classes that you can take at your leisure and learn to bake a variety of different wedding cakes?
You could  even start a small business baking wedding cakes for others!
Check out Dream Wedding Cakes with Wendy Kromer

These are just a few Frugal Wedding tips to help you get married now and save to celebrate your 10th anniversary in style.

Do you have some Frugal Wedding tips to share? 
Drop us a comment, or connect with us in one of these ways. We love chatting with our readers!:
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  1. Thank you so much for mentioning Ballroom Beauty Recycled Formal Wear! We are so excited to make an impact in Kawartha Lakes! In the 6 months that we have been open we have been able to do some crazy awesome things to help people in need while providing an affordable option for brides on a budget!
    Check out our Facebook to see what amazing dresses we have and to see what we are up to! We love to share! https://www.facebook.com/ballroombeautyrecycled/?fref=ts

  2. Glad to share the work of Ballroom Beauty and Recycled Formal Wear. What a great organization! The work you are doing to help families is truly remarkable!


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