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Sunday, 13 November 2016

#AD Unique Endless Folding Teaching Cards Amuse And Fascinate!

Kawartha Lakes Families Have You See These Crazy Amazing Cards?!

Sometimes you come across something that is so amazing, you need to share it with everyone!
We were thrilled to be accepted as affiliates by a company with an amazing unique card concept that is available in a wide variety of cards including: alphabet doodle cards, healthy eating, bible stories, Christmas cards and more.
The cards can even be customized with your business or organization name.
Check this out!
Kawartha Lakes Mums Presents Educational Endless Cross Cards

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image Endless Cross Alphabet Cards animated
Kawartha Lakes Mums Presents Endless Cross Cards
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Help your children learn their ABCs with this fun origami style card.
These ABC Doodle cards will make learning letters fun.
The cards let children their letters in a very creative way.
Six cards in each pack help children learn all 26 letters of the alphabet.
Kids love the origami design plus children can color in the ABC Doodle cards which further helps them learn the letters of the alphabet.
When they are finished decorating the cards use them as origami flash cards.
They can be used at home, in preschool or day care and they also will keep your kids occupied on road trips.
Checkout the video on their website to find out more about these cards and other designs.

Which of these unique cards do you like best?
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