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Monday, 14 November 2016

Freebie - Save Dollars on Gas Using this Limited Time Freebie!

Kawartha Lakes Families Do You Need to Save on Gas? Try This!

We saved a tonne of money on gas last year with this special offer from ESSO.
We know you will want to hear about this freebie RIGHT NOW!
Starting NOW you can get FIVE cents off a litre at ESSO!
image Kawartha Lakes Mums Gas Savings Cartoon Gas Pump from Pixabay
Kawartha Lakes Mums Presents Gas Savings Tips
FTC Disclosure: This post is not sponsored or endorsed by ESSO Kawartha Lakes Mums welcomes family friendly advertising including affiliate links that pay us a few cents when you make a purchase through  our links. Thank you.Every penny helps.
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How can you save five cents a litre at ESSO?

Here's how this freebie works.

ESSO Limited Time Gas Savings Freebie!

Usually, ESSO rewards people with 2.5 cents off per litre when you make purchases using your free ESSO Extra Privileges Rewards and free ESSO savings card.
So how do you save five cents a litre?
1.First, pick a free ESSO Extra Privileges Rewards card at your closest ESSO station if you don't have one yet. It will come with a free 2.5 cents savings card.
2. While you are there, purchase a $50 or $100 ESSO gift card. It will come with a free Five cents offs savings card.
3. Follow the directions on the back of your free ESSO Extra Privileges Rewards to register your card online. Each time you make a purchase at ESSO and swipe your ESSO Extra Privileges Rewards, your purchases will count towards more gas savings and other rewards, such as car washes and convenience store freebies.
4.Use the  ESSO gift card to purchase your fuel, along with your  ESSO Extra Privileges Rewards card and free Five cents offs savings card.
5. Watch for emails from ESSO Extra Privileges Rewards and add free offer challenges to your free ESSO Extra Privileges 2.5 cents off per litre gas savings card.

Kawartha Lakes Mums Shares Savvy Savings Tip - ESSO Gift Card Promo

What gas savings tips do you have?
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