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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Kawartha Lakes Bus Cancellations Page Returns!

Kawartha Lakes Mums Popular School Bus Cancellations Page Returns!

Today LateBus was trending.with so many tweeting about late buses,it must be times to post  our annoual Kawartha Lakes Bus Cancelations  page.
In 2014, Kawartha Lakes Mums introduced the School Bus Cancellations page and it was very popular with local readers - even those without school age children in school!
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Why is Kawartha Lakes Mums School Bus Cancellations page helpful to people without children in school?
image Kawartha Lakes Mums School Bus Cancellations logo yello school bus driving up icy hill
Kawartha Lakes Mums School Bus Cancellations 

Why have a school bus cancellations page?

Kawartha Lakes Mums School Bus Cancellation Page - Usage Tips

In City of Kawartha Lakes, we aften have delayed busses and school bus cancellations as winter weather approaches. Checking our school bus cancellation and delays page may be helpful to you both if you have children attending school that need to catch a particular school bus, and also if you drive.
How so?
If there are a great number of school bus delays and cancellations, it may aid you in gauging whether or not you really want to venture out on the roads that day.
Stay safe on those rural roads!
Check our Kawartha Lakes School bus delays and cancellations daily!

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