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Thursday, 10 November 2016

November 10 Bobcaygeon Tree Festival Returns Thanks to Volunteers!

Kawartha Lakes Families Do You Know these Bobcaygeon Volunteers?

Kawartha Lakes families involve themselves in many different volunteer activities. The Festival of Trees at Kawartha Settlers Village in Bobcaygeon is an much anticipated annual event that requires many volunteer hours. November 10th the Festival of Trees returns to Kawartha Settlers Village in Bobcaygeon.
For our readers who might have missed it, we are sharing this piece from their newsletter about the many volunteers and some of the behind the scenes work that goes into bringing this annual event to you.
Can you name any of these volunteers?
Kawartha Lakes Volunteers - Kawartha Settlers Village
Festival of Trees Preparations

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We found it interesting, and we hope thought you would too!

Here is the behind the scenes piece about  Kawartha Settlers Village Festival of Trees.

Volunteers and Festival of Trees

As most people are aware, the Festival of Trees is the major fundraiser for Kawartha Settlers' Village but what people may not realize is the massive swell of volunteer support that it takes to pull off the amazing event.
Kawartha Lakes Events - Bobcaygoen Festival of Trees

Planning for the Festival starts at the beginning of every year when the decorating sub-committee travels to Mississauga to order the trees, wreaths, and garlands. The ladies are also shopping for the beautiful decorations throughout the year.
August is when the committee (made up of 15 volunteers) meets to reflect on the previous years event successes and improvements. The sponsorship sub-committee (comprising of an additional 11 volunteers) also meets in August to discuss the sponsorship process and plan for that year. Sponsorship requests are sent out after Labour Day Weekend and the sponsorship team begins canvassing until the end of October.
In the last week of September, the decorating committee (consisting of 11 ladies) cleans out the bottom of the Orange Lodge and sets up in the Murphy Barn. As sponsorship requests come in, the ladies start fluffing trees, sometimes stringing lights, and of course starting to decorate. Remember how it snowed last week? Yes, the ladies were here in the unheated Barn, decorating.
Then there is the Christmas Boutique and Santa's Secret Shoppe. Shopping for items in both areas takes place in the spring time. Once the orders arrive at the Village, it takes 5-6 days to inventory, stock, and decorate the General Store and 6-7 days to wrap, organize and decorate the Carriage House.
For the past two years, we have had a display at the Lansdowne Place Mall in Peterborough. This initiative consists of 11 volunteers shifts, with two volunteers per shift.
As the event grows closer, the committee meets at least once a month to see how everything is progressing. On the Cafe front, a group of volunteers get together and have a baking day where over 500 sweets are made, baked, and wrapped. Soup, chili, strudel, and other products are also made ahead of time.
Other pre-event activities include: decorating the grounds and buildings, preparing and serving two sittings at the Roast Beef Dinner, grouping and placing all of the sponsorship items including gift certificates, cleaning raffle buckets, prepping kids crafts, ordering food for the Pancake Breakfast, recruiting over 300 volunteers, and more.
Kawartha Lakes Mums Asks: Can You Name These Kawartha Settlers Village Volunteers?

During the Festival, there are numerous shifts to fill. Volunteers are needed to work in most of the buildings, there is grounds maintenance, a financial team, admission booths, raffle ticket sellers, Santa's and elves, people working at a special event for a designated time, and even floaters who are available to cover a shift if a volunteer can no longer work it. Volunteers even make the calls to the guests who are lucky enough to win a Festival prize.
The Monday after the event is a busy day; we have volunteers working in the Henderson House giving out prizes, there are runners to help the lucky winners load up their vehicles, and there are people working to clean up the grounds and buildings.
The Festival of Trees committee has one last post event meeting to share thoughts on future events and celebrate the success of another Festival of Trees.
Kawartha Settlers' Village could not survive without the amazing community support we receive from the businesses, organizations and individuals. This year we have seen an increase in youth volunteerism, which gives us hope for the future of Kawartha Settlers' Village. Thanks to everyone for their great dedication

Will you be visiting The Festival of Trees in Bobcaygeon? We would love to see your pictures.
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