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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Suggestions Wanted - Great Indoor Non-Messy Activities?

What Suggestions Do You Have for Great Indoor Non-Messy Activities?

Company coming in a few minutes? Just cleaned up crafts and need a time filler? What ever your reasons for wanting a non-messy activity it;s great to have some that kids love in your bag of tricks. As a Blogger for Circle of Moms, the question of the week was - 'What are your favourite indoor non-messy activities?' I'm curious to find out what other Mums in our City of Kawartha Lakes have in their bag of tricks. Here are five of mine:
  1. Recycled Paper Skating - Use blank sheets of papers from the recycling bin,and 'skate'around. -Picked this one up from Heather G at Trinity United Church Omemee - Kids love it!
  2. Story Sharing - Set a timer then start a story,with the next person joining in when the timer stops. You can make it more challenging by putting in a word that must be used.
  3. 'The Nursery Rhyme Song' - Otherwise known as 'The Second-Story Window' This is great fun for all ages as people rack their brains trying to think of different nursery rhymes. I'll record this and add it in a future post.
Oops Got to run! catch you later!
Suzanne S.

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