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Monday, 25 March 2013

KawarthaLakes MoneySense Rating Rises 51 Levels!

Kawartha Lakes Rises in Money Sense Best Places to Live List!

Money Sense statistics crunching shows Kawartha Lakes rose 51 levels on theeir Best Places to Live List. What do you like best about living in Kawartha Lakes? We're asking our social network what they like best about living in Kawartha Lakes to be included in an update of this post. Can't wait for the update? Add your comments below!

Why Did MoneySense Raise Kawartha Lakes 51 Slots ?

Perhaps City of Kawartha Place deserved to be in this placing last year too!

MoneySense Changes 2013 Ranking Sytem

image MoneySense 2014 Stats weighting Opens MoneySense article in new window
MoneySense added eleven new categories in 2013 and updated their scoring system. Unfortunately, MoneySense did not include the air quality index, or we might have scored even higher. Some categories like weather for instance, now have a smaller weighting in their ranking than in previous years, while other categories have been expanded. Categories new to their list this year include: household net worth, number of days of precipitation, number of days where the temperature is above 20 degrees C, five-year change in crime rate, property tax measures, movie theatres and whether a city is within close proximity to an airport serviced by Air Canada or WestJet.

Kawartha Lakes Stats MoneySense 2013 Best Cities List Used

March 2013 Money Sense shows Kawartha Lakes at slot 137. Here are some of the stats they used to determine the rating for City of Kawartha Lakes:

  • Bike to Work -0.66 
  •  Days with rain/yr 116.8 
  •  Days above 0°C 193.4 
  •  Pop. growth ’11 to ’12 6.02% 
  •  Jobless % 6.23 
  •  Average house price $252,358 
  •  Average household income $74,527 
  •  Crime Severity Index 95.63 
  •  Property tax % 2.52 
  • Doctors per ’000 1.11 
  •  Employed in arts & rec % 1.14 
  • New car % 0.66 
So, are there any measures Kawartha Lakes Residents or Government could change to boost our rankings for next year?

Help Boost Kawartha Lakes 2014 MoneySense Ranking

Getting more people to use public transit, bike, or walk to work could be tricky in our rural area, perhaps an incentive might be created for factories to go together on subsidizing worker transit runs. Meanwhile, increased new car ownership is an indicator MoneySense favours for a great place to live as well. Blainville, Quebec has the most new cars on their streets 30% are 2010 or newer.
According to MoneySense our population growth could use a boost to 6.56% -the ideal, but at the same time, our jobless rate needs to decrease - lowest jobless rate in Canada? Canmore, Alberta won hands down at 2.3%. It would be best if our new jobs were in Sports and Culture according to MoneySense. Hiring more Health practitioners gives a boost too, but we are faring very well compared to Brooks, Alberta where there is only one doctor per 2,273 people.
Decreasing property tax would give Kawartha Lakes a boost too. Lowest property tax in Canada? Victoria, BC pays the least about 1.58% of household income.
Now if Lindsay or Peterborough airpport were to induce West Jet to fly in - that would give us 1.5 bonus points!However would the people living near the airport agree?

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