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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Omemee : Annual Writing Contest

Kawartha Lakes Mums Win Cash Enter Your Story!

Kawrtha Lakes Mums -Omemee District Historical Society Presents their Annual Short Story Contest, and stories promoting The City of Kawartha Lakes, its history and attractions will get additional consideration. What will you write? Please drop us a comment to let us know if you enter. Kawartha Lakes Mums Subscribers, Facebook Fans Fans and Twitter Followers who enter, will be entered to win a special prize to help promote your writing Prize winner of the Kawartha Lakes Mums special will be determined by random.org., so enter today! 

Omemee and District Historical Society Writing Contest Synopsis -All Welcome!

Omemee Annual Writing Contest- Now 2 Categries!
Novice Writers -$50 first Prize
Advance Writers two $100 prizes
Best story published in KLTW
Free story critiques following publishing by Emily Park Writers Group
Many more perks and prizes!
Reading fee $2 to $5 applied to prizes
Deadline March 22, 2013

Prizes to be awarded at Omemee Book Fair in Omemee
Anthology of past winners available.

Writing Contrst Details: 

Also available  at Libraries and Services Centres or contact jonestv1 AT gmail DOT com

Total Prizes: $500 or more depending on number of entrants.
Two top prizes of $100 in senior category; top prize of $50 in junior/novice category.
Kawartha Lakes This Week will print the best story in their opinion, prior to 13 April 2013.
First runner up may be posted on Kawartha Lakes This Week web page.

Genre: any genre is acceptable, including poetry. However a story promoting The City of Kawartha Lakes, its history and attractions will get additional consideration.

Rules: Each Manuscript must be no longer than 850 words.
More than two entries from one writer disqualify all entries.
Lines should be double-spaced and each page numbered. Legible hand writing is acceptable.
The date of writing should appear at the top left corner of the first page.
The word count and the number of pages should appear at the top right.
The title of the story should appear at the head of each page of a manuscript.
Pages should be fastened together by a paperclip—not stapled.
Cover letter indicating how you may be contacted should be attached to (not part of) the manuscript.
No clue should be imbedded in the story that could identify the author.
Non-adherence to guidelines does not necessarily disqualify an entry.
However, learning the proper methods of presenting a piece is the mark of a potential professional writer—in the eyes of a professional judge! Judges’ decisions are final.
If rules are not clear contact John at (705) 341-6404; 705 243-7831 or jonestv1@gmail.com
For further information call Joan at (705) 799-6980 , Carole (705) 324-7859 or Edna (705)799-2142.
Previous contest submissions are available. This notice is posted at City Service Centres and Libraries.
Important note: Rules change—make sure you are following 2013 rules!
Submit an unfolded manuscript and appropriate reading fee—reading fees are added to prize money.
Reading fee to qualify for top prize money ($100) and possible newspaper exposure is Five dollars.
Reading fee for students under age 13 and/or new/ novice writers any age is Two dollars. Top prize is $50.
Reading fee entitles writer to free promotion, table, signs, customers, exposure to known authors, publishers and press at Spring Book Fair in Coronation Hall, Omemee on Saturday 20 April 2013.
Prize money will be awarded starting at 10:00 (a. m.) please advise in cover letter if you plan to attend.
You may read your winning piece on the historic, acoustically correct stage or balcony if you wish.
Entries must be posted or delivered before 04:30 p.m., 22 March 2013 to:

Writing Contest
Omemee and District Historical Society
Coronation Hall, P.O. Box 9
(1King Street West) Omemee ON K0L 2W0

If you require a receipt for your manuscript please enclose a stamped and self addressed card.
If you require return of your manuscript please enclose a stamped and self addressed envelope.
All entries may be printed in an anthology for tracking and promotional purposes.
The anthology is available at cost to Society members. All entrants receive a half-year membership card.

The Emily Park Writers’ group will review the entries to the competition for adherence to Guidelines, tracking and identification. For details contact Edna, Carole, Joan or John as above.
All entries will be delivered to Kawartha Lakes This Week prior to 29 March 2013 for judging.

Emily Park Writers’ Group, Omemee and District Historical Society, and staff of Kawartha Lakes This Week do not qualify for Prizes. Marlyne Fisher-Heasman, president, Historical Society. (705) 799-5767.

Prize money supplied in large part by a grant from: The City of Kawartha Lakes.

Prizes funded by a grant from City of Kawartha Lakes

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