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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Top 10 Autism Science Research Discoveries

Autism Speaks Funds Canadian Research

Kawartha Lakes Mums -Did you know Autism Speaks funds the best research in the world, regardless of where the funds are raised? Some of the most important Autism Research is done here in Canada.
It is this Autism Research contributors to our April Blogging for Autism Campaign are helping to fund.
image Autism Speaks Banner Top 10 Research Advances
2012 Top Autism Research Advances

Autism Speaks mission is discovering causes and treatment for autism spectrum disorders. To document progress made towards this mission, the Autism Speaks Science Program annually releases a list of the "Top 10 Science Autism Research Achievements" For me, one of the most interesting studies determined Peer Training Outperforms Traditional Autism Interventions, as this is a methodology I have used and advocated for years in teaching.

2012 Autism Research Overview 

2012, autism public awareness skyrocketed with new updates on autism’s estimated prevalence (1 in 88) and costs to society.  Future autism diagnosis methods were hotly debated. In conjunction with the public awareness was significant growth in the number of publications and scientists entering the field. 2012 brought progress in more established areas of autism science, including genetics and behavioural therapies. This included exciting evidence that intensive early intervention can change autism’s underlying brain biology and new insights into the complexity of autism genetics. Some of these genetic discoveries also held promise for identifying new targets for treating autism’s core symptoms.
Key studies showed deeper understanding of possible links between environmental exposures, genetic vulnerability and autism risk. Real progress was also seen in safely moving promising medicines out of the laboratory and into clinical trials. Here are the "2012 Top 10 Science Autism Research Achievements".

2012 Top 10 Science Autism Research Achievements

Note: Order does not imply relative importance.

1. CDC Revises Estimate of Autism Prevalence: 1 in 88

2. Field Trials Suggest New Criteria for Diagnosing Autism ‘Reliable’

3. Deeper Understanding of Link between Chemical Pollutants and Autism

4. Hundreds of Tiny Mutations Linked to Autism

5. Insights into Immune Changes & Autism

6. Discovery of Pre-symptom Marker of Autism

7. Early Intervention Program Alters Brain Activity in Children with Autism

8. Peer Training Outperforms Traditional Autism Interventions

9. Arbaclofen Shows Promise for Treating Core Symptoms of Autism

10. Mounting Evidence of Critical Need for Adult Transition Support

Read details about each of these studies  at Autism Speaks: Top 10 Autism Research Findngs
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