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Thursday, 9 May 2013

FREE GayLea Butter Coupon - Ontario Dairy Co-op Info

Kawartha Lakes Mums - Gay Lea Offers Member Discounts! 

Gay Lea foods currently offers a free product coupon for butter, did you know you can get member discounts too?
While doing some online digging, we discovered some interesting GayLea facts that may interest you too.

Gay Lea Foods 5 Interesting Facts

image GayLea logo on blue barn board background
Gay Lea an Ontario Tradition!
  1. GayLea Foods is an Ontario Dairy Co-Op.
  2. Gay Lea Co-Op Members include Ontario Dairy Farmers, Investors, and Patrons..
  3. GayLea Dairy Co-Op memberships start at $1.
  4. Members can purchase GayLea Products at membership rates at 7 locations in Ontario.
  5. Both investors and producers can receive dividend checks.
Gay Lea products include: Butter, Sour Cream,Whipped Cream, Lacteeze, Lactose free Sour Cream,and Ivanhoe Cheese. The Co-op recently celebrated 50 years. I just applied to be a Gay Lea Co-op member. Will you?

Free Product Coupon : GayLea Butter

GayLea is offering to mail you a coupon for a free package of their new spreadable butter. On the coupon site, you will also find coupons for several other products too. Gay Lea Spreadables Butter takes traditional creamery butter and adds unsaturated canola oil to make it spreadable. Enjoy the delicious taste of butter spreadable right out of the fridge - which means no more mangled bread!  It has no preservatives AND is a source of Omega 3! Get your free GayLea Butter coupon.at 

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1 comment:

  1. It seems we misread the GayLea Co-operative literature.

    We received an email from Wendy Hasson | Member Services Representative | Gay Lea Foods Co-operative Ltd, informing us Gay Lea does not offer patronage shares, but does welcome investor members.



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