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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Summertime? Kawartha Lakes Drive In Time!

Kawartha Lakes Offers Rare Drive-In Entertainment! 

Lindsay Drive-In Theatre, 292 Pigeon Lake Road, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario offers summer visitors and residents a rare treat.
While Drive-Ins across North America are closing due to high digital conversion costs, Lindsay Twin Drive-In offers two screens of entertainment using their new Barco digital technology, plus it is a wifi hot spot!

Lindsay Twin Drive-In Theatre Insider Secrets

Sunday night was the first 2013 dusk-to-dawn show featuring three movies on each screen. How are the new sound and picture at Lindsay Twin Drive-In ? Rosy Salcido-Schmidt (@rosysalcido) of Facesby2 Peterborough who tweeted at 11:34pm - 19 May 13: 
 @LindsayDriveIn enjoying the all nighter, first show down kids still awake 
Says the picture and sound are perfect! 
image Lindsay Twin Drive-In picture Tweeted
Lindsay Twin Drive -In, a family operated outdoor theatre is a rarity, and the website Is entertaining in itself. Did you know you can book the Lindsay Twin Drive-In for special events, and even make personal announcements over the sound system? On the Lindsay Twin Drive-In Theatre website you can find movie reviews, watch movie clips, and see what features will soon be available. There are also helpful tips on ensuring children enjoy their movies, bringing your pet elelphant, or giraffe, how to turn off running lights, and alternatives to transporting your buddy in the trunk.

Lindsay Drive-In Movie Theatre Tips

New to Lindsay Drive-In Theatre?  Here are a few tips that you may find useful from our family's years of enjoying Drive-In Movies:
  • Bring your appetite -they offer far more than your regular snack bar Arrive early and enjoy dinner and a movie al fresco! 
  • Make sure your FM radio works - either your car or a portable -no more clunky speakers here!
  • Bringing kids? Do not tell them in advance. Make sure they have a nap,and  bring them in their pjs with shoes, and bug spray,so they can run around before the show and get their wiggles out.
  • Bring pillows to adjust seating positions in the car, or lots of bug spray and lawn chairs. Our fave? A hatchback with mattress!
  • Bring vinegar and newspapers to clean your windows inside and out ! 
  • Charge your battery if you'll be using your car radio.
  • Avoid washroom line ups by heading in just as the credits start to roll.
  • Want to propose to your girlfriend? Renew your vows? Have Birthday wishes announced? Contact Lindsay Twin Drive-In Theatre  in advance.
  • Bring your laptop or smart phone and tweet @KawarthaMums @LindsayDrive-In  #KawarthaLakes You may find your tweet featured here! 
For more information visit the Lindsay Twin Drive-In Theatre website.
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