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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

May 21- 27 Happy #Babywearing Week #Parents! [Babywearing Tips]

Health Canada Offers Safe Babywearing Tips! 

May 21-27th is Canadian Babywearing Week. Did you wear your baby?
Today Health Canada and the Baby Carriers Industry Alliance aka BCIA launched 'Visible and Kissable,' an educational campaign for parents and caregivers to promote the safe use of baby slings and soft infant carriers.
image Baby in Roal blue sling Health Canada Website imageDecades ago, before baby slings were widely available on the market, I popped my baby into a homemade sling, I cobbled together out of an apron - BAD idea!

Babywearing Dangers

Babywearing can result in serious injuries and deaths can occur due to:
  • Tripping : the wearer trips and the baby falls out of the sling or carrier 
  • Product Malfunction: the product malfunctions or its hardware breaks the baby falls over the side of the sling or out through the leg openings 
  • Suffocation: the baby is positioned incorrectly, causing suffocation against the product's fabric, the wearer's body, or their own chest 

Babywearing Kissable Visible Safety Tips

Learning how to correctly use a sling/carrier can help keep your baby safe.There are many safe baby sling designs on the market today, but even a safe design needs to be used properly to ensure a baby's safety. There are many things to consider. Did you know babies born prematurely or with a medical condition are at higher risk of suffocation? Talk to your baby's doctor before using a sling or carrier. Here are tips to help keep your baby safe while babywearing:

Babywearing: Safe Positioning 

Remember : keep your baby visible and kissable at all times.
  • Keep the baby's face in view. 
  • Keep the baby in an upright position. 
  • Make sure the baby's face is not pressed into the fabric of the carrier or sling, your body, or clothing. 
  • Make sure the baby's chin is not pressed into their chest. 
  • Make sure the baby's legs are not bunched up against their stomach, as this can also restrict breathing. 
  • Wear the baby snug enough to support their back and hold onto the baby when bending over so they don't fall out of the carrier or sling. 
  • Check your baby often. 

Babywearing : Using Slings and Carriers Safely

  • Never leave a baby unattended in a carrier or sling. 
  • Check your sling or carrier for wear and tear before every use. 
  • Look for ripped seams, torn straps, and damaged hardware. 
  • If your sling has knots, check that they are tied tightly.
  • If your sling has rings, make sure the fabric can't slip through them. 
  • Be very careful putting a baby into--or pulling them out of--a carrier or sling. 
  • Ask for help if you need it. 
  • When wearing a carrier or sling, do not zip up your coat around the baby because it increases the risk of overheating and suffocation. 
  • Be particularly careful when using a sling or carrier with babies under 4 months because their airways are still developing.
  • Do not use a carrier or sling during activities that could lead to injury such as cooking, running, cycling, or drinking hot beverages. 
  • Check baby product recalls and report any injuries or other product-related health and safety concerns. 

Babywearing: Choosing Products Wisely

  • Choose a model that has detailed, yet easy-to-understand instructions. 
  • Follow directions carefully and keep them for future use. 
  • Buy a product that fits your baby well. 
  • Make sure the baby's head is above the sling/carrier and that you can see all of their face. 
  • Buy a product that fits you (and the other users) well. 
  • Check with the retailer or manufacturer to make sure the sling/carrier meets the ASTM F2907-12 Consumer Safety Specification for Sling Carriers standard.
Here's to a Happy Safe Canadian Babywearing Week!
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