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Monday, 8 July 2013

Kawartha Lakes - Dog Tag Scammer Alert!

Kawartha Lakes Residents Dog Tag Scam Advisory!

Kawartha Lakes residents - Beware of door-to-door scams. Door-to-Door Scams abound in summer months, when the weather allows for easy walking to homes.
While there are many valid business people who ply their trade door-to-door, watch out for ths new twist on door-to-dor scams. Watch for scammers passing off their services as if they are Municipal Employees! A short while ago,The City of Kawartha Lakes informed residents that an individual had been attempting to sell dog tags door-to-door in Woodville. This person was in plainclothes and identified himself as a by-law officer
Municipal Law Enforcement does not sell dog tags door-to-door! 
Not only do such scammers target individual residents, a new businesses can be prey too. One new business I assisted, was tricked into signing a contract for recycling disposal - something that was free for their business! 
Beware of people on your doorstep who state they are from the Municipality. Ask for ID and call to double check their status before handing over funds, better yet, offer to mail a check to the Kawartha Lakes main office.
Stay Safe Out there!

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