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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Making Money Online - 3 Ways to Monetize Your Blog or Website! [Sponsored Review]

Kawartha Lakes Mums Have You Tried Making Money Online?

Note: This post contains links to help cover our expenses. Thank you in advance for reading this post. All opinions are mine alone. f you have a passion or interest in something, there are people who would like to read it. So who can you turn all that great content into cash? Here are a few resources that may help you.
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  1. No blog? With adf.ly  you can make money sharing links on Twitter, Facebook or other social media sites too. If you share a lot of links to resources, ad.fly may be a way for you to make some money to help pay your internet bill.  Adf.ly also offers referral bonuses.
  2. Write sponsored posts. Yes, there are businesses who realize the value of your sharing a link to their business on your blog. How do you find these businesses? Brokering agencies such as Business 2 Blogger, and Blogsvertize offer job boards where you can advertise your writing skills.
  3. Affiliate Marketing. Do you have products or services that you absolutely love? Will others love these products or services too? Many of these businesses will pay you for referrals, or sales of their products too. How can you find these businesses? Brokering companies  such as shareasale.com. link website owners and Bloggers with businesses, and offer referral bonuses too. 
How do you make money online with your blog?

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  1. What questions do you have about making money online? Drop us a confidential comment, and we'll do our best to help.


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