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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Talk Money With Your Kids Today!

Kawartha Lakes Mums Did You Know Today Is: Talk With Our Kids About Money Day?

Do you talk with your kids about money? Today is National Talk With Our Kids About Money Day. City of Kawartha Lakes Economic Development Office stresses the importance of talking with our kids about money in this press release. They have suggested some helpful links for parents, and I added a few to the list too. Do you have some links to suggest?
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from City of Kawartha Lakes Economic Development Office
City of Kawartha Lakes Economic Development office is pleased to be a supporter of Junior Achievement and Summer Company especially on days like today, National Talk With Our Kids About Money Day.
Staff from the Economic Development office routinely meets with community stakeholders and businesses to talk about business retention & expansion opportunities.

3 Common Kawartha Lakes Youth Hiring Challenges

These are the three most common challenges employers in Kawartha Lakes face when hiring youth:
  1.  Lack of business skills
  2.  Disconnect in curriculum – real world math
  3. Unfamiliar with the culture of business

Economic Development Office Solutions

“What can we do in Economic Development? Our Economic Development Officers participate in programs such as Junior Achievement, Summer Company, and Starter Company to ensure youth have skills, exposure, interest and opportunities” said Diane Steven, Manager of the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Centre.
Here are some useful links for families who want to talk with their kids about financial literacy:
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Links suggested by Economic Development Office:
Learn Money With Leo Free App
Links I suggest:

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