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Thursday, 17 April 2014

April 16 Kawartha Lakes Burn Ban? Yup A Burn Ban!

Kawartha Lakes Mums -Does This Burn Ban Surprise You?

While much of Kawartha Lakes is watching water levels rise, this does not mean it is safe to light fires. Does this surprise you? It was surprising to me too. this just in from the City of Kawartha Lakes:

By order of the Fire Chief, Kawartha Lakes 
Fire Rescue has put a BURN BAN IN EFFECT beginning April 16, 2014
The ban will be in place until further notice. Due to our extended winter season the annual Burn Ban implemented April 1st was delayed this year and therefore could extend into May.
“Each year we respond to numerous unnecessary and preventable grass fires during the month of April. These fires place our residents and firefighters in unnecessary danger. The cost of responding to these fires places a tremendous strain on the fire department budget. By implementing the April burn ban annually we will mitigate the risks and reduce unnecessary costs associated with these fires,” said Fire Chief Mark Pankhurst.
“Despite the fact that the ground appears to be saturated or perhaps still have a bit of snow cover, the old grass and debris above it is dead and dry. It catches fire easily and spreads quickly. Typically by the end of April things have greened up and the risk of grass fires is dramatically reduced,” said Chief Pankhurst.
The ban does not apply to those with Agricultural or Special Burn Permits as special conditions already apply to these permits. However safe practices should be followed at all times when burning.
Under section 8.03 of the by-law those setting a fire during a burn ban can be charged under the Provincial Offences Act and will also be responsible for the costs of fire control.
Thank you for your cooperation and assistance during this time frame.

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