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Monday, 5 May 2014

3 Reasons Your School Should Host a #BloodDonor Clinic Like @Fenelon_Falls High School May 5!

Kawartha Lakes Mums - Will You Attend Fenelon Falls High School Blood Donor Clinic Monday? 

Fenelon Falls Monday May 5, 2014: Fenelon Falls High School will host a Blood Donor Clinic Monday May 5 starting at 10 am. all are welcome to attend. Why should your school hold a Blood Donor Clinic?
Glad you asked.

3 Reasons High Schools Should Host Blood Donor Clinics

1.Canadian Blood Donor App
There are many good reasons your high school should host a Blood Donor Clinic. Here are three educationally sound reasons, and a bonus health reason too.
  1. Linking real world skills to learning. Do you remember grumbling  'What use is this garbage I'm learning?' C'mon, if you didn't, I'm sure you had friends who did. Hosting a Blood Donor Clinic allows students to  experience first hand how useful their classroom studies are.  Did you know the Canadian Blood Services have curriculum units for teachers linked to the grade 11 advanced Biology Course and a unit they can take into elementary classrooms too?
  2. Developing Leadership and Teamwork Skills. Organising and taking part in a Blood Donor Clinic, develops team work and leadership skills that will be valuable for students both in class, and later in the work force.
  3. Developing Citizenship Skills. Ask not what your country can do for you -ask what you can do for your country - John F. Kennedy . Participating in the organization of a Blood Donor Clinic can help develop a recognition of altruism - something that will be needed if we want to receive our pension checks from today's students when you retire.
Bonus Health Reason:
Between 17 and 23? Check This Chart!
Donating blood, can improve a person's health, by reducing iron build up in their system.
Want to donate? Drop ins may be accepted if time allows, check the schedule online for openings or give them a call. Booked appointments get first dibs on seats!
Age 17- 23? Use the Canadian Blood Services calculator to see if you can donate blood.
Visit the Canadian Blood Services website: http://www.blood.ca
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