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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Bobcaygeon June 25 Canada Show Opening Night - Lakeview Arts Barn - Did You Reserve Your Tickets?

Kawartha Lakes Mums- Enjoy Comedy? Check Out The Canada Show!

Bobcaygeon Kawartha Lakes June 25 2014: June 25 to July 5th 2014 Lakeview Arts Barn presents "The Canada Show:a Tongue-in-Cheek History of Our Great Nation". This comedy by Ryan Gladstone and Bruce Horak is an  action-packed sixty minute, hysterically historical joy-ride through 50,000 years of Canada is told from the point of view of three bickering historians – one English, one French and one just trying to keep the whole thing together.
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Would You Enjoy  The Canada Show?

Canada flag map represntening The Canada Show at Bobcaygeon KAwartha Lakes Lakeview Arts Barn
Free Canadian Map Image
Do you love satire? A Fan of History Bites? Learn about parts of our history, few knew existed! Including; the Acadian Civil War, the problem with the Bering Straight Theory and every single Prime Minister in our history in two minutes!

The Canada Show has played to audiences across Canada and even been performed at Montreal's ‘Just For Laughs’ Comedy festival. Now enjoy the laughs starting June 25 at Lakeview Arts Barn Bobcaygeon Kawartha Lakes Ontario.
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