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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Fenelon Falls Kawartha Lakes Downspout Survey - Please Share!

Kawartha Lakes Mums - Know a Fenelon Falls Business Owner or Resident? Pass This On!

City of Kawartha Lakes posted a Downspout Survey for Fenelon Falls residents and business owners. Have your friends in Fenelon Falls taken this survey yet? Please be sure to pass it on!
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Fenelon Falls Downspout Disconnection Survey

Downspout image from here
Are you a resident or business owner in Fenelon Falls? City of Kawartha Lakes would love to hear from you.
The City of Kawartha Lakes wants to reduce the amount of storm water entering the sanitary system and is looking for your help.
Currently, the City has a sewer system that combines sanitary sewage from homes and storm water from street drains, building roof leaders and or sump pumps. Disconnecting a downspout or sump pump from the sanitary system will benefit the community and the environment. Benefits include:

  • Reducing the chemical treatment of storm water that does not need to be treated;
  • Decreasing the flow of water into the sanitary system pipes and pumping stations;
  • Reducing the risk of potential sewer back-ups related to capacity constraints on the sanitary system during peak storm events or snow melts;
  • Freeing up sanitary system capacity;
Please complete the survey to help the City gather valuable information by May 30, 2014.

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