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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Magic Jack Money Saving Free Mobile Calling App [Interview and Review]

Kawartha Lakes Mums - Want to Ditch Your Phone Company? Will Magic Jack Do the Trick?

Looking to ditch your phone company? Can you get a Magic Jack local Canadian phone number for people to call you?  Yes- many people can!
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Read on to find out what I discovered in a 2 hour chat with Magic Jack agents.
I have also included my affiliate link to the free Magic Jack App, so if you choose to purchase an upgrade, my family does benefit.

Magic Jack - Free Phone Call App - My Experience -What's Yours?

Free MagicJackApp installed on Phone
We downloaded the free App FREE Calls with MagicJack - MagicJack to our Samsung Galaxy Note II to see if the rumour mill about being able to ditch the phone company and just make calls using the Free Magic Jack App on a cell phone were true.  Here's what I discovered:
Magic Jack Free App is available on iTunes at FREE Calls with MagicJack - MagicJack. It takes very little time to download.  I was pleasantly surprised to find:
  • I could call Canada and US land lines and cell phones from my cell phone for free using wifi.
  • People with Caller Id - were able to call me back using a number that showed on their answering machine. 
  • I received Free voicemail messages sent to my email address.
However, my Magic Jack App phone number showed as Naples, Florida on some friends' phones. Apparently, unless you upgrade, the number may be different for each person you call.
Can you totally get rid of the phone company?  Weeeellllll …. to use the App, you must either be connected to the internet by wifi or 3G or 4G data.. So … if you are only making calls from free wifi hotspots,yes - otherwise you will need to pay someone for internet.  

How Do You Get A Magic Jack Local Canadian Phone Number?

I discovered many people can get local Canadian phone numbers by paying for an upgrade, but this was not easy to find on their website. Curious about upgrading to get a  local Canadian number, I went to the Magic Jack website. Here is part of a rather confusing 2 hour conversation with two agents:

You are now chatting with 'Jomelly'
Suzanne: Hi How do I get a local Canadian number?
Jomelly: Hi there! This is Jomelly. I will be glad to assist you today.
Jomelly: Please click here and log in to your magicJack account
Jonelly then copied information from the website to the conversation, some of which contradicted my experience.
Jomelly: What is a free magicNumber?
A free magicNumber, Ex: *0000000000*:
-Has ten digits, just like traditional landlines and cell phone numbers, but a free magicNumber always begins with a star (*) and ends with another star (*).
-Provides FREE local and International calls to and from all magicJack APP and magicJack users.
-Provides incoming phone service from landlines and cell phones (see note below).
[This next point is rather odd as the Magic Jack App does allow me to call out to landlines and other cell phones]-Does NOT provide outgoing phone service to landlines and cell phones
-Does not provide any form of 911 service.
NOTE: To call a free magicNumber from a cell phone or land line, one must first dial the free access number: 305-848-TALK (305-848-8255) and then they dial your magicNumber.
If you want to place outgoing calls to landlines and cell phones (non-magicNumbers), simply upgrade your free Basic Membership, to a Preferred Membership (Includes U.S. Phone Number) for only $19.95 per year. Canadian phone numbers are available for an additional $10.00 per year.
Suzanne: I am able to make outgoing calls to landlines and cell phones for free now,, and people are calling me back at the 239 number.[I think this surprised Jonnelly]
Jomelly: One moment please…

Jonelly then pasted the following information into the conversation:

Jomelly: Can I receive incoming calls on the free version of magicJack app?
Yes. When you dial a person's number the very first time, your number will appear on that person's caller ID. He/she will always be able to call you back on that number.
Please remember that your number may be different for different recipients. You must call the person you want to have your phone number. Once called, the recipient can always reach you on that number.
Suzanne: The two pieces of information seem to be saying opposite things
Jomelly: okay.[Huh?]

Directing Back to Original Question How Do I Get a Local Canadian Number?

Suzanne: I cannot find anywhere to get a Canadian number after I log in on the account
Jomelly: Please hover your mouse at the " Shop " tab and click " Upgrade to preferred. " sub-tab.
Suzanne: That says upgrade for 19.95 and receive a US number not a Canadian number
Jomelly: yes please do that.
Jomelly: sorry
Jomelly: please be informed that you can only get a us phone number, Suzanne [Huh?]
Suzanne: In the information you gave me earlier it said I can get a Canadian number for $10
Suzanne: [Copied from previous info given]Canadian phone numbers are available for an additional $10.00 per year.
Jomelly: sorry you can only do that when you have a magicjack device, Suzanne
Suzanne: It said in the App that it was possible to upgrade and get a Canadian number
Suzanne: [Copied from App Description] simply upgrade your free Basic Membership, to a Preferred Membership (Includes U.S. Phone Number) for only $19.95 per year. Canadian phone numbers are available for an additional $10.00 per year.
Suzanne: But there is no place to select a Canadian number
Jomelly: One moment please...
Jomelly: Please wait while I check that for you
Jomelly: Please hold, I am transferring you to a senior agent.
Please wait while I transfer the chat to the best suited site operator.
You are now chatting with 'Pearl'

Asking Senior Agent- How Can I Get a Magic Jack Local Canadian Phone Number?

Pearl: Hi ! This is Pearl, and I am the one will be assisting you for today, please give me a moment to review your previous chats thank you.
Pearl: May I know if you are still log in to your Mj account?
Suzanne: How can I transfer my existing Canadian number to Magic Jack? [Copied from Magic Jack Canada site] NEW!Transfer Your Current Number
Pearl: We do process “transfer number" request with the customers other carrier's cooperation and approval, provided it is in the U.S. However, as I have checked it here it here, you're in Canada. "Transfer number" in Canada is not yet available at this time. That is why the "transfer number" that you had requested was not processed.
Pearl: But, need not to worry on that, for our engineers are doing their very best to offer it in the future.
Pearl: For now I would recommend you to choose a Canadian number instead for you to be able to use the service brought to you by magicjack.
Suzanne: How do I do this?
Pearl: That will be after upgrading the app into preferred plan
Pearl: can you do it now?
Suzanne: So you upgrade and then choose a Canadian number?
Pearl: One moment please...
Suzanne: The upgrade purchase tab says you will only get a US number
Pearl: Yes
Suzanne: Where can I find the upgrade to Canadian number?
Suzanne: How can I find out if there is a local Canadian number before paying for the upgrade?
Pearl: Okay are you log in now?
Suzanne: I am logged in
Suzanne: but there is no place to get a Canadian phone number
Pearl: Okay you need to upgrade the app first
Pearl: are you able to see shop tab?
Pearl: and then scroll down and locate upgrade app?
Suzanne: but I need to know if there is a local number before I pay to upgrade
Suzanne: otherwise it is a waste of 19.95
Pearl: okay I will show your the Available Area Codes
Pearl: [Pearl shares a link to a list of available area codes which includes 2 exchanges for Peterborough, and tonnes of exchanges for the GTA]
Pearl: You will not be charged unless you cannot get a number.
Suzanne: There is no local number for City of Kawartha Lakes all the numbers are long distance. I need a number that is local to 705-324-xxxx
Pearl: If the number you wanted is not on the list , no worries we are still working on that number to be available.
Pearl: You can assign different number, as you number desired not yet available.
Suzanne: How do I make a request for a number for our area to be instated?
Suzanne: How can I get notified when there is an available number that is not long distance for me?
Pearl: You can check to our area codes availability.
Suzanne: Could you please send a suggestion in for me that they get a phone number for our area? There are thousands of people who live and vacation in City of Kawartha Lakes Ontario. - Many people from Toronto vacation here.
Pearl: I will try that for you, but I cannot assure this will be granted ASAP, as we are working on it.

Can You Get Rid of The Phone Company When Using the Magic Jack App?

This next part is a bit confusing to me.
Suzanne: Is there some way I can use magic jack on my cell phone without wifi?
Pearl: Yes you can use that by using 3 or4G
Suzanne: How do I do that?
Pearl: That's what we call it , because the magicjack will only work on WIFI and or Data network
Suzanne: So it is not possible to get rid of the phone company after all. :(
Pearl: You can get rid, but make sure you have internet connection on magicjack.[Huh?]

Will Magic Jack Plus Let You Get Rid of the Phone Company?

Suzanne: I heard Magic Jack Plus could be plugged into an electrical outlet anywhere after setting it up on your computer. Is this true?
Pearl: Yes correct , but you also need a router with that Suzanne.
Suzanne: So what is the difference between Magic jack and Magic Jack plus?
Pearl: For that, magicjack standard is a device that can only be used when it is plugged in a Computer's USB port, and also it can only be used to make and receive calls if the computer is on. The magicjack plus device is the modified version that can be used in 2 ways: 1. using it with a computer like the standard one, 2. using it with a router or a modem. And by the way, when magicjack plus device is connected to router or modem, you may use it even if the computer is turned off.
Suzanne: So the difference is not needing the computer after initial set up, so if your computer crashes, you can still use your Magic Jack Plus?
Pearl: yes
Suzanne: Ahh..the rumour mill had greatly inflated my expectations - people cannot use it 'wherever there is an electrical outlet'.

Magic Jack Free Phone Call App Conclusion

Outgoing Magic Jack App calls:

Magic Jack Free App will let you make and receive free phone calls and send free text messages over a wifi connection, so technically, you could get rid of the phone company by using free wifi hotspots.  The quality of the phone reception using wifi varies depending on your wifi connection, and can range from having a tonne of static to excellent. The maximum call length is one hour. We had fewer dropped calls when using the free Magic Jack App than with PHONE for Google Voice & GTalk - Mo+

Incoming  Magic Jack App Calls:

What we loved was being able to get voicemails sent to my email address when people returned the phone callsMagic Jack to Magic Jack calls are free worldwide, but I am not sure if this applies to calls made with the free Magic Jack App as well. If you want a local number for friends to call you back, USA numbers are $19.95 and Canadian numbers are $10 more. Currently there are 15 705 exchanges listed, with the closest local exchanges being Peterborough, Ontario 705-243 and 705 340, Orillia, Sudbury and North Bay have 705 exchanges listed as well, but they do not have any for City of Kawartha Lakes yet. If you have a number of friends in another areas, you might want to request a magic Jack number for that area code.

So what have your experiences been with trying to save money on your phone bill?

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