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Sunday, 4 May 2014

#NYAW2014 National Youth Week - Kawartha Lakes Activities May 1 - 7 2014

Kawartha Lakes Youth Invited To Join In!

National Youth Week 2014 got a great start May 1 with activities at LCVI, and there were games galore at Sir Sandford Fleming College Lindsay on Saturday. National Youth Week continues with more activities this week. While the organizers of the events are to be applauded for all the hard work they have put into this week long program, it seems to me that rural youth have been left out in the cold. Is this just my perception, or is this your perception too?
Lindsay is only a small part of City of Kawartha Lakes, yet all activities listed for National Youth Week are taking part in Lindsay.  I hope this is a misconception on my part. If you know of local National Youth Week activities that are available to rural youth without transportation, please add your comments below. In our large rural area, perhaps we need to look to Social Media, such as hosting live streamed events, from a variety of locations throughout City of Kawartha Lakes to involve a higher percentage of of our  youth. There are some online #NAYW2014 Activities such as #MusicMonday -noon May 5 and #Selfies4Change - ongoing; that local youth can take part in, but have not been advertised in local Media.

National Youth Week - Purpose

National Youth Arts Week May 1-7 2014
National Youth Week is a global initiative to celebrate youth involvement and engagement within our community. Nationally May 1- 7 is being promoted as National Youth ARTS Week:A Youth-led Celebration of Creative Expression in Communities across Canada aimed at youth 12 to 30 with a suggested $300 stipend for the Community organizer, and a $500 stipend for their assistant. Locally however, it is a generic celebration of youth.
Youth Week is all about celebrating youth in our community so they can feel engaged and empowered in the world around them” says Fyffe Murdock, a Public Health Worker with the HKPR District Health Unit. “There are many free and amazing activities going on in Kawartha Lakes during Youth Week, and we encourage local youth to check out what is happening.”

Kawartha Lakes Youth Week Organisers

Kawartha Lakes Youth Week activities are being spearheaded by Stay Bright UNLIT, a group of City of Kawartha Lakes youth who promote tobacco-free living and youth engagement. Stay Bright UNLIT and Youth Week are being supported by local organizations, including the John Howard Society, Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit, Lindsay Recreation Complex, Fleming College, Fenelon Falls Secondary School, Lindsay Collegiate Vocational Institute, IE Weldon Secondary School, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School, and Boys and Girls Clubs of Kawartha Lakes.

Kawartha Lakes Youth Week Activities

Kawartha Lakes Youth Week activities include:
  • Opening Ceremonies: Kicking off the ‘Youth Week Spectacular’ on May 1 at LCVI. Celebrate “Youth Voices” – Youth Speakers and Youth Musicians.   Youth- in-Transition worker program for youth 16 to 24 years of age was introduced with Guest speakers from ‘Life Unleashed,’, music performed by local band Brie and the Boys. Pizza and prizes were also offered at the event.
  • An afternoon of activities noon to 5 pm  Saturday, May 3 at Fleming College in Lindsay including a free movie, improv/comedy, musical performances, ‘drag queen’ bingo and much more. Local organizations that work with youth will also be set up on campus with displays to let youth know what’s available to them.
  • Free yoga is offered to youth ages 12+ on Monday, May 5, from 4 to 5 pm by Certified Instructor, Dani Campbell at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Kawartha Lakes (107 Lindsay St. S.)
  • A Youth Engagement Symposium is set for Wednesday, May 7, at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Kawartha Lakes in partnership with Chimo Youth Services and local youth leaders. Grade 9 and 10 students from all four high schools in City of Kawartha Lakes will come together to experience workshops on Youth Rights.
While the news release states: For complete up-to-date listings of events, visit Stay Bright UNLIT on Facebook, the Warehouse Lindsay Facebook page, or on Twitter follow @warehouse001, we have been in all these locations, and not found any other information. yet. For additional information on Youth Week activities, or perhaps get involved in helping support youth in developing activities for National Youth Week 2015,  call the Health Unit at (705) 324-3569, ext. 2228, or the John Howard Society at (705) 328-0472, ext. 937.
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