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Monday, 5 May 2014

#BeMindFull 63rd Canadian Mental Health Week May 5 -11 - Are You Fine or Phine?

Kawartha Lakes Mums - How Do You Maintain Your Mental Health?

May 5 -11 During Canadian Mental Health week, Canadian Mental Health Association is launching their first Be Mind Full Campaign. Are you phine?

Are You Fine?
Are You Fine or Phine?
"How are you?"A asks too brightly.
"Fine," B grits out, suppressing  tears of shock and devastation, politely volleying "And you?"
"Fine,"A growls squelching frustration.

Too often people say they are fine when they are feeling far from well - stuffing their feelings until the suitcase they are shoving them in explodes. The result? Approximately seven million Canadians — 20 per cent of the population — live with mental illness. Many do not seek treatment because of the stigma and discrimination associated with mental health problems. During CMHA’s 63rd Annual Mental Health Week – Monday, May 5 to Sunday, May 11, 2014 CMHA is starting a conversation: asking Canadians to tell how they really feel. Are you fine or phone? You can join the conversation or follow along with the tag #MHW14 on the tubs widget below.

2014 -Mental Health Week - Focus on Women

2014 CMHA is also focused on increasing awareness of women’s mental health and mental illness by providing information, resources and the practical strategies and advice required to address women’s mental health issues. As women,too often we put everyone else first not era;icing that just like on an airplane, we need to 'put on our own oxygen mask first', when we do not care for ourselves, we cannot care for anyone else. As the main caregivers in society, it is essential that women's mental health needs be supported and addressed. The societal roles we are expected to accept from media influences as 'truths' put increased stresses on women's health as well. What differences do you see in women's mental health?

Mental Health Week - Practical Tips PLUS Fighting Stigma

Canadian Mental Health Week started in 1951 to raise awareness of mental illness in Canada. Today Mental Health Week offers people practical ways to maintain and improve their mental health, as well as offering support for recovery from mental illness. Mental Health Week also provides an opportunity for all Canadians to reflect on attitudes and behaviours toward people living with mental health issues  to work to reduce the discrimination and stigma associated with mental health problems.

Mental Health Week - Kawartha Lakes Activities

While the Canadian Mental Health Week Website lists many activities in larger centres across Ontario, no local activities are listed for Kawartha Lakes, Haliburton, Pine Ridge Health Unit, nor could I find a listing for activities listed by CMHA Peterborough - the mental health association in charge of our area.
May 12, 13, and 15 CMHA is partnering with the Lindsay Library Branch on 3 Mental Health Presentations. However, I could not find any references to Canadian Mental Health Week for City of Kawartha Lakes.

Mental Health Week - Share Your Mental Health Stories - Anonymity Assured

In view of reports we have received about people's experiences with the Mental Health System in Lindsay and Peterborough, I do not find the lack of local mental health activities  surprising. When doctors and nurses exhibit discriminatory practises when dealing with people who have experienced mental illness, we indeed have a very long way to go.
Do you have a Mental Health treatment experience you would like to share anonymously ?
Email it to http://scr.im/klmums , or simply leave an anonymous comment below. and we will publish it for you. Speak out! PS. Do not worry about spelling - we have spell check and can send you a proofed copy before we publish it. Your personal information will not be revealed.

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