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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Updated:Kawartha Lakes Celebrating World Bacon Day Aug 30 - Recipes, Trivia, Freebies!

Kawartha Lakes Mums - Celebrate World Bacon Day!

Update Sept 12/14 Oops ! Jennifer P said the Bacon and egg scarf pattern link was broken, so we updated it! Thanks for letting us know Jennifer!
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Saturday August 30 World Bacon Day Kawartha Lakes celebrates World Bacon Day along with the rest of the planet. This post contains  Bacon Giveaways, Bacon recipes, links, and fun trivia to help you join in the celebration of World Bacon Day. Soo.. How did World Bacon Day start, and what does Bacon have to do with Kawartha Lakes?
Glad you asked!

World Bacon Day Origins

World Bacon Day or International Bacon Day was started by "Alexa and the Bacon Boys". The Bacon Boys? Yup, Two regular guys who love bacon decided there should be a day devoted to bacon- no pork producers, no farmers, no restaurant, just a couple of guys in Colorado who love Bacon. They love Bacon so much, they started the Bacon Day Blog, back in 2008 to spread the word about their vision for a day devoted to.. yup Bacon! Is there a food you're that passionate about? Word spread about International Bacon Day, and last year World Bacon Day was celebrated in many countries around the world including Canada.

World Bacon Day Activities

What do people do on World Bacon Day?

World Bacon Day - Eating Bacon

Well you could get together with friends to enjoy a Bacon filled menu like they have at St. Daves Diner Lindsay. St Daves Diner even creates in-house Maple smoked bacon! 
Celebrate World Bacon Day St Daves Diner Kawartha Lakes Ontario offers House - Smoked Bacon
World Bacon Day - Kawartha Lakes Ontario Canada St Daves
Does your restaurant serve bacon? Be sure to ask customers to rate your bacon recipes on Yelp, so you will show up on the bacon map!The only current listing in Kawartha Lakes is The Lake House Bobcaygeon.

World Bacon Day - Cooking Bacon!

You could make a Bacon Recipe using delicious Ontario Bacon from Nesbitts Meats Lindsay. At Nesbitts they can custom slice your bacon to order. In a hurry? Call ahead and they will have your order ready.
World Bacon Day recipes sometime sneed special bacon cuts -enter Nesbitts Lindsay
World Bacon Day- Nesbitts Meats Lindsay
Jennifer P. writes:
My mother used to make a sandwich spread out of Bacon for our lunches that had tomatoes and cheese in it. She called it Mock Chicken. Does anyone have this recipe?
While we didn't find one called Mock Chicken, We did find a recipe for those ingredients:
Bacon Cherry Tomato Dip  - a quick easy appetizer recipe . What's in it?
  • sliced bacon, 
  • cream cheese, 
  • mayonnaise 
  • Parmesan cheese  
  • garlic powder 
  • green onions 
  • cherry tomatoes 
  • fresh basil
Freebie Bacon Brittle Recipe
St. Daves Diner offers Free Bacon Brittle Recipe!
St. Daves Diner  has a free Bacon Brittle Recipea you might like to try your hand at making. Have you seen this? You can download it free from St Daves Diner Facebook page.
World Bacon Day- Bacon Brittle Free Recipe Courtesy St. Daves Diner

You can see some of our favourite Bacon Recipes on our World Bacon Day Pinterest Board.
Follow Kawartha Lakes Mums's board World Bacon Day on Pinterest.

World Bacon Day - Getting Mapped

Locally there are many Ontario Pork producers, and retailers, but very few are registered on the Ontario Pork Map,  nor on the Yelp bacon restaurants map. Do you sell bacon to your customers? Now is a good time to get mapped!

World Bacon Day - Health

Is bacon healthy for you? Some bacon links  suggest that it is, but 6 slices of bacon can give you 150% of your daily sodium allowance. Therefore if you love bacon, you may want to use recipes that stretch the flavour.

World Bacon Day - Bacon Wear, Bacon Toys, Bacon Tools

There are lots of fun Bacon fan tools. We picked up a set of 2 nifty pans for making "bacon cups" at Giant Tiger.
and Amazon Canada has over 2,000 items filed under bacon!
They have this cute Piggy Bacon Press
Norpro Cast Iron Pig Bacon Grill Press from 12.90
Accoutrements 11957 Bacon Lip Balm  from $4.99 No Bacon Ingredients

World Bacon Day Freebies

We found some cute Bacon themed cards that you can customize and mail even from your phone. If you are new to Treat by Shutterfly you can Get one (1) free card from Treat using the promo code 1NEWTREAT. at checkout Ends 9/2/14.

New to Treat by Shutterfly? Get this Bacon Card free until Sept 2/14 

We especially think the new baby congrats is cute:
Inside reads: Congratulations on Your New Bacon Bit!

World Bacon Day - Three Free Samples

Tiny prints has a three free prints offer that popped up on the site when we were checking out this vintage style bacon party invitation:
World Bacon Day Party invitation Freebie
World Bacon Day Party Invitation

World Bacon Day Freebie - Free Crochet Pattern

Make your favourite Bacon freak a bacon and eggs scarf with this free Bacon and Eggs crochet pattern!
Celebrating World Bacon Day? Use This Free Bacon Crochet Pattern
World BaconDay - Free Bacon and Eggs Crochet Pattern

World Bacon Day Crafts

You could try your hand at these crafts we pinned on our Pinterest board:
  • Making Bacon
  • Making Bacon Grease Candles
  • Making Bacon Grease Soap
or you could try some of these bacon themed Crafts:
Bacon Eggs Pancakes - Big Crochet Bacon Breakfast
Take a closer look > > > Bacon Crochet Breakfast Pattern $4
Four Bacon emotions Embroidery
Check out > > >Bacon Study - Embroidery Pattern $4
Cross stitch pattern You Had Me at Bacon
Bacon Cross stitch - You Had Me At Bacon Pattern $1
Bacon Geek Applique Pattern Ba Co N
Get this > > > Bacon Geek Applique Pattern $2.50
Travolta Bacon Inspired Cross Stitch Don't Go Bacon My Heart
Check this out> > > Bacon Crosstich Pattern $1

World Bacon Day - Bacon Giveaways

  1. We couldn't find a Bacon Giveaway at first, so we decided to hold a Bacon Potluck Commenting Party on Facebook and giveaway our Bacon Bowl Making set to one lucky resident of Canada.
  2. NEW Bacon Giveaway Discovered ! Enter to win a copy of the Bacon Cook Book Open to CA/ USA
  3. Did you know that commenting on this post and telling us what you liked best, gives adult residents of Canada an entry into the Eco Outfitters Online Back to School Giveaway ENTER HERE NOW

World Bacon Day - Trivia

  • Which food was Sir Francis Bacon, testing when he died? 
  • Can you freeze bacon?
  • How much bacon is eaten in Canada each Year?
  • How much bacon is eaten in USA each year?
  • Bacon, prosciutto, pancetta -what's the diff?
  • How many grams of food does it take to make 100 g of bacon?
  • Would you like a free bacon recipe book? Yes? Subscribe to Kawartha Lakes Mums and leave a comment below.
Hope this helps!

How will you celebrate World Bacon Day?
Drop us a comment, or connect with us in one of these ways. We would love to hear from you!:
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