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Friday, 19 September 2014

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Arrr Kawartha Lakes Avast! Talk Like A Pirate Day Be Upon Us!

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Read on matey, read on!

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So, how did this all get started?

Talk Like A Pirate Day - Sept 19 - True Story!

So ye be wantin' the true tale o' Talk Like a Pirate Day Matey?  Arrr it be a terrible tale indeed! This be a tale strange than fiction, a tale to curdle yer blood and chill yer bones. A tale o' pain. A tale o' love fer a man's sweetheart that be known around the world. Are ye ready? Don't jus' sit thar like a ninny give this 'ere post a Like an' maybe, just maybe, I might be persuaded to share the tale with ye..
Y' really want to hear the tale? Alright then belay yer carousin', pull up a powder keg, n rest yer peg leg awhile!

How Talk Like A Pirate Day Began

June 6 nigh on ten years ago, two landlubbers be smashin a ball on a tennis court. Neither of these fine gents be a Swashbuckler, but lo n behold - Arrrr - shouts the one as he pulls a hamstring.
Brush me barnacles n didn't both the scurvy scoundrels start parlayin' Pirate! 
Who be these two?  
Well blow me down! Have y ne'er heard tell of the great Mark Summers and John Baur?
Well back  n forth it went two scurvy landlubbers parlayin' Pirate -
"That be a  fine cannonade!"
"Now watch as I fire a broadside straight thru yer yardarm!"
Not wantin ter end there the scurvey scoundrels hatched a plot.
What plot?
Ter make Talk Like A Pirate Day, y ninny!
But what day? June 5 be D-Day... Arrr. they thought it over both long n hard.
"September 19! " excalaimed Mark. "September 19 be the birthday o' me wench! Thar be nothin important September 19!"
Now who be arrr champion fer this 'ere Talk Like A Pirate Day?
Arrrr! The great Dave Barry! He be a nationally syndicated humour columnist n winner of ter Pulitzer Prize. He be our man!
Brian Rhodes friend of those scurvy dogs jumps aboard ship, and the three celebrate for nigh on 7 years. Then blow me down, doesn't John find gold!
Aye, gold!  John finds the email address of the great Dave Barry!
They sends off an email, and to make a long story short, afore any could jump ship, well blow me down, if the great Dave Barry don't haul wind right smartly n tell the whole world!

Talk Like A Pirate Day - Problems

Now thar be some who be standin too close to the cannon n tink Talk Like A Pirate Day be Talk Australian Day n Yanks need ter be foundered. "Oy mate no offense intended!"
Thar be some who tink Talk Like A Pirate Day be Talk Like a Parrot Day
"Rrrr Polly wanna cracker?"
Thar be some who tink Talk Like a Pirate Day be Talk Like A Pilot Day too.
"Roger Wilco"
What e'er the Day ye be celebratin' Grab hold these 'ere deals afore they're gone!

What do y' love best about Talk Like a Pirate Day?
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  1. Not quite sure how to talk like a pilot, but we did enjoy learning how to talk like a pirate on Manga.


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