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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

#AD Bananas for Checkout 51 Rebates - Get Free Cash Today!

Kawartha Lakes Mums Readers - Check Out These Savvy Shopping Savers!

FTC Disclaimer: We are pleased to be Checkout 51 Affiliates so we can offer our reader great grocery savings tips using the free Checkout 51 App, while getting a bit extra for our groceries too.
Kawartha Lakes savvy shoppers enjoy grocery savings combining coupons and CheckOut 51 Rebates! It's smart to combine savings on savings. What are some savings we're looking forward to today?
Glad you asked 

Grocery Savings September Using Checkout 51 

New to Checkout51? If you're new to Checkout 51 you''ll be interested in our post 5 Things We love  Checkout 51 When you sign up for Checkout 51 you can get great savings.  Special free rebates for new members include: Reading the info  - $1 and uploading your first receipt $1. $2 for going grocery shopping? Yup!

Checkout 51 Hidden Savings Tip!

Checkout51 Rebates offer free grocery savings catch the hidden rebates on their site too!
See Checkout51 Hidden Savings!
When you sign up for Check out 51, you will want to click the extra information link to get additional savings tips. For example, this week Kelloggs Snack bar rebates hold a special surprise. By clicking the extra info link, we discovered if you cash in two of the Kelloggs bar rebates, you will get a bonus dollar added to your rebates next week!
Other interesting items you will find under the extra info tab include- number of  rebates you can get, videos, recipes, and other special offers!
Remember you can use coupons, sales AND rebates through Checkout 51together for mega savings on your groceries!

Checkout 51 Match Up of the Week! - Herbal Essence Shampoo

One Sale - Coupon and Checkout 51 Rebate - Rewards match up we spotted is Herbal Essences :
  • On sale at Rexall drugs -2 for $5 get 
  • Free $1.50 printable Proctor and Gamble coupon plus , then score a  
  • Check Out 51 $1 rebate on the purchase of 1. plus
  • Airmiles Rewards at Rexall
Soo... $5- $1.50 -$1 = $2.50 for 2 Herbal Essences  or $1.25 each Nice!
Alternately Rexall Drugs offers 1 for 2.79 - $50 P&G coupon - $1 Check Out 51 Rebate = $1,29 for 1
Remember to take along your Airmiles rewards card when you pop into Rexall too!
Note: This free rebate ends at midnight September 16 2014. See all the current free Checkout51 Rebates on their Website.

What Checkout 51 deals are you most excited about?
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