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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Kawartha Lakes Readers Ask - How Can You Make Money Online Blogging? [Affiliate Marketing]

Kawartha Lakes Readers - Curious About Making Money Online? Try These Tips!

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How can you make money online blogging? Perhaps you have a Facebook page or Twitter account where you are already sharing your passion with the world. Facebook is getting paid for your writing, isn't it time you started being rewarded for all that writing?  Are you thinking about starting a blog or looking for more ways to make money with your blog?  There are several different ways you can make money online with your blog. In today's post we're going to chat about working with brands like Craftsy . Join Craftsy Now Want more info about how this works?

Glad you asked.

Six Ways Businesses May Pay You to Be on Your Blog

Kawartha Lakes Mums Answers How do you make money blogging?
Making Money Blogging -Affiliate Programs Craftsy

Curious about how you can make money working with brands on your blog? If you write a blog about your interests, you might also want to look at some of the following ways to make some extra money with your blogging. Craftsy is a good example of an online business that may be interested in working with you to help put groceries on your table while you write about your interests. If you are new to affiliate marketing, I highly recommend signing up with Craftsy, as they work with Acceleration partners to help you every step of the way. Here are some of the different ways businesses like Craftsy pays bloggers for advertising on their blogs.
  1. Pay Per Lead Advertising. When your readers sign up so they can download free patterns, watch free online classes, enter to win a free giveaway, or sign up to be an affiliate blogger with Craftsy you may be paid per lead, depending on the current company campaign.Join Craftsy Now Want more on this in a later post? Please leave a comment.
  2. Pay per Sale. When people shop online with Craftsy through your links for crafts materials, patterns or courses, Craftsy pays you a percentage.Join Craftsy Now Want more on this in a later post? Please leave a comment.
  3. Payment for Content. Craftsy offers a unique opportunity for crafters to be paid for submitting content to their site. For example, if you design a craft pattern, you can sell it through Craftsy.
  4. Sponsored Posts. Businesses like Craftsy may also sponsor posts on blogs, In a sponsored post you are paid for writing a post about a website, their products or services. How much do businesses pay for sponsored posts? The amount you will be paid for sponsored posts varies according to a number of different factors including the number of people who read your blog.Join Craftsy Now Want more on this in a later post? Please leave a comment.
  5. Payment in Kind. Some businesses will also give you special freebies in addition to payment. For example, when I signed up with Craftsy, I was given my choice of courses to take for free.  I'm still trying to make up my mind which one. Craftsy has soooo many different arts and crafts courses:  photography, woodworking, carpentry, cake decorating, sewing, crocheting, jewellery making, knitting, cooking, paper craft, quilting, landscaping, gardening. Join Craftsy Now Want more on this in a later post? Please leave a comment.
  6. Pay Per Click Advertising. Sometimes businesses pay for the privilege of advertising on your site when someone clicks on a link posted on your site. Perhaps you've seen Craftsy ads on youtube-those were pay per click ads run though Google adsense. 
Curious about making money online with Craftsy? Craftsy welcomes all kinds of artists to join their program. It's free to join. So why not join now?  Join Craftsy Now

3 Keys to Keeping Your Audience While Making Money Online Through Blogging

Making money online blogging, requires a delicate balance in order to ensure you maintain an audience. No audience? No advertising revenue. So how do you create a blog that draws and keeps an audience, and still allows you to be paid for the time you invest in your blog? Here are three important keys to making money online through blogging that we try to follow, and help bring readers back to our blog.
Make Money Blogging with Brands by Writing for Your Audience
  1. Write Real Content. Write your passion. Kawartha Lakes Mums is passionate about family issues, local shopping,  local family-friendly events, education, and connecting people with resources.. We encourage local shopping wherever possible, and offer free advertising opportunities to local businesses. What are you passionate about?  It is important to offer content that is real, since, of value to your readers, and uniquely you.
  2. Write Regular Content Regularly. What is regular content? If your passion is knitting and suddenly you begin wring posts about hockey with no explanation, you will find you will lose at least some of your knitting audience and need to build your hockey audience. If you have multiple passions, like many of us do, you might find it useful to establish several blogs and occasionally cross reference them. How often should you write? Good question. As a rule of thumb, try to publish content at least once a week, if possible once a day. There are some people who are able to make money blogging by only publishing once a month, but those are few and far between. Some studies recommend posting content up to four times a day for Search Engine Optimization. The most important part is to publish regularly.Wondering how you can possibly publish that much? There are several ways to quickly put together posts in five minutes or less, and there are various ways you can schedule posts to pop up at different times. Watch for more on this in a future post.
  3. Share Content on Social Media Regularly. Social media is not just about broadcasting your content. By syndicating your content to Social media platforms, you can be free to be social on social media. Use free tools to find out when your readers are online, and chat with them. Where possible, let readers know the hours you are usually available to chat on your different social media platforms.  Listen to your potential readers. Find out what it is they need, and offer assistance where you can. Watch for more on this topic in a future post.
If you enjoy creating with your hands, you will want to join the  Hand Made with Love Crafting affiliates with Craftsy. Not sure? Check out some of the free online mini classes Craftsy offers.
Craftsy Free Cake Decorating Class 

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