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Friday, 3 October 2014

Curious About Yom Kippur? Kawartha Lakes Shiksa Expanding Horizons ~

Kawartha Lakes Mums Readers - Curious About Yom Kippur? 

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Yom Kippur occurs October 3-4 2014. Are you observing Yom Kippur? Tzom Kal! May you have an easy fast. G'mar Hatimah Tovah! May you be sealed in the Book of Life. Yom Kippur, holiest and most solemn of days in the Jewish calendar, is a day devoted to repentance and fasting. Are you curious about Yom Kippur? Here are some things our family learnt about this Holy Day.
What did we learn about Yom Kippur?

Yom Kippur - Our Questions

Tzom Kal! Oct 3-4 Yom Kippur Kawartha Lakes Shiksa Questions
We had several questions when we started this journey:
  • When is Yom Kippur?
  • How do we greet people on Yom Kippur?
  • How did Yom Kippur begin?
  • How do people observe Yom Kippur?
  • Are there people in City of Kawartha Lakes observing Yom Kippur?
  • What crafts, recipes, tips or activities are there, that might be helpful to people observing Yom Kippur or curious about Yom Kippur?
What questions do you have about Yom Kippur?  This is our understanding of Yom Kippur from reading articles on the internet. We do not mean any disrespect, and sincerely appreciate any clarification our readers would like to offer in the comments below. Here is what we found out, and some helpful resources.
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Yom Kippur Fast Facts

  • Who? Yom Kippur is observed by Jews around the world, and over 100 people living in City of Kawartha Lakes.Yom Kippur is also observed by many Christians who are re-discovering their roots in Judaism. The congregation at Lindsay Ministry Outreach on William Street observes Yom Kippur, for example.The traditional greeting for Yom Kippur is G'mar Hatimah Tovah!
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    You might also say"Tzom Kal!
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  • What? Yom Kippur is the holiest of days in the Jewish calendar, Yom Kippur means Day of Atonement. It is a time for setting yourself right with G-d through repentance, prayer and fasting.
  • When? Since days in the Jewish calendar run from Sunset to sunset, Yom Kippur fasting begins a half an hour before sunset on the beginning of Yom Kippur and girls and their mothers light candles 18 minutes before sunset. The fasting ends half an hour after sunset on Yom Kippur. In 2014, Yom Kippur begins October 3 and ends October 4th.
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  • Where? It is extremely important for Jews to celebrate Yom Kippur at their nearest synagogue, because there are certain prayers that can only be said with ten men, and some prayers are deemed more powerful, with a quorum or more praying together. The closest chabbad is currently Durham chabbad in Whitby, Ontario. Everyone is welcome at Lindsay Ministry Outreach as well.
  • Why? Yom Kippur has ancient roots going back to Moses discovering the people worshipping a golden calf upon his return with the ten commandments. 
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  • How? Jews prepare for Yom Kippur by first asking forgiveness of others in the ten days  between Rosh ha' Shannah and Yom Kippur. These ten days include traditions such as giving extra charity, asking for and receiving honey cake, and blessing children. Jews also prepare their bodies for the Yom Kippur fast with a Meal of Cessation. On Yom Kippur, they repent and pray asking G-d to forgive them for sins against G-d, They also ask forgiveness for their fellow man, and question how they might have kept their fellow man from sin. 
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    Jews do not wear leather footwear on Yom Kippur, as it would be disrespectful to wear the skin of a slaughtered animal while asking forgiveness, and they dress in white to reflect the angelic manner of angels. People exempted from fasting are: girls under 12 , boys under 13, expectant and nursing mothers, as well as anyone whose life would be endangered by a 25 hour fast. There are five special prayers said on Yom Kippur, the last ending in loud cries of Hear O Israel G-d is One. Then joyful song and dance traditionally Napoleon's March. A single note is blown on the shofar followed by the proclamation "Next Year in Israel." People who have completed Yom Kippur successfully, celebrate with renewed vigour and commitment to living life the way G-d intended for the coming year, sealed in the Book of Life. A joyful Break Fast Meal is held at the end of Yom Kippur, and plans are made for building the Sukkot hut.
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Yom Kippur Food - Preparing Your Body for Fasting 5 Tips

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Preparing your body for Yom Kippur fasting or any fasting is important. How do you prepare your body for a fast? Here are 5 helpful tips we found.:
  1. Hydrate in advance. People can live for weeks without food, but water is essential. How do you properly hydrate in advance? Drinking the right liquids - caffeine causes your body to use more water, and can dehydrate you. Cut out salt. Salt causes your tissues to retain the water needed by your brain, and other vital organs. Eating the right foods - complex carbs like lentils help the body store water in a healthy way.
  2. Cut out caffeine. Besides dehydrating your body, during a fast, caffeine withdrawal symptoms can bring on headaches and nausea.
  3. Cut out sugars. sugar withdrawal, like caffeine withdrawal can bring unpleasant physical side affects.
  4. Eat frequent small meals ahead of time -nosh. this helps prepare the stomach and can help protect the thyroid.
  5. Have a Meal of Cessation or Seudat Mafseket prior to your fast.This unhurried low salt high in complex carb meal should be at least 1 hour before the Yom Kippur fast. Eat a moderate amount and drink lots of water. Leave time for drinking sweetened water after the meal, and brushing your teeth.
How do you prepare for fasting?

Yom Kippur Seudat Mefsekat Menu Suggestions

Traditional Pre-fast Yom Kippur meals might include Rice and potato kreplach served with challah. There is a debate whether kreplach is meat filled pasta and potato filled pasta should be called perogies. The meat kreplach has symbolic significance., in that the meat is covered and hidden from sight.  Today, many Jewish families serve poultry or fish. One menu suggestion is chicken with rice and peas. To avoid dehydration, this meal uses only a conservative amount of salt and other spices.
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Yom Kippur Food Break Fast Meal Suggestions

The Break Fast meal is a celebration. Some suggested foods for this celebration include: eggs, cheese and bread. A Break Fast Meal might include:
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  • Whole wheat Bread- or bagels topped with spreads like egg or tuna salad or even jam
  • An egg dish such as a soufflĂ©
  • A cheese dish - like a potato cheese bake.
  • Noodle Kugel
  • Almond Cookies - Mandelbrot
  • Coffee Cake
  • Fresh fruit
  • Beverages-juice or coffee

Yom Kippur Kawartha Lakes Opportunities and Implications

What implications and opportunities does Yom Kippur hold for City of Kawartha Lakes or your community? The ten days between Rosh ha' Shannah and Yom Kippur are excellent times for non-profits fundraising - especially for causes highlighting children's needs. This is a time for Jumpstart for Kids, Boys and Girls Club, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Scouting and Girl Guides to launch appeals.
If City of Kawartha Lakes wants to encourage tourism to the area, Yom Kippur is definitely not the best choice of dates to hold a one day event such as Farmfest. In the Jewish calendar, gearing up for Thanksgiving follows Yom Kippur, so Harvest themed festivals could hold more appeal following Yom  Kippur.
Since it is essential for Jews to observe Yom Kippur at a synagogue, City of Kawartha Lakes will find their residents leaving to spend time in other communities. Was it always this way? No,for many years Pontypool was THE destination for Jewish tourists.
Yom Kippur, the holy day before the new Jewish Year begins, allows people to take time and seriously consider their lives and actions-getting rid of the past and starting fresh, A truly purposeful way to start a new year with a clean slate. Perhaps if more of us spent our day before New Year the same way, we would be much more successful, not being bogged down with past regrets and baggage. 
Do you have friends observing Yom Kippur?
Drop us a comment, or connect with us in one of these ways. We would love to see your pics!:
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