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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Kawartha Lakes #Arts: Beauty and The Beast Teaching Links Plus Performance Times!

Kawartha Lakes Readers- Love Beauty and the Beast? Try These Resources!  

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This weekend the Disney Classic Beauty and the Beast comes to The Academy Theatre Lindsay. Are you familiar with the different versions of Beauty and the Beast? This post contains links parents, teachers and storytellers may find useful, in addition to information on the performance. What Beauty and the Beast links did we discover?
Glad you asked!

Beauty and The Beast - Tale as Old As Time

Kawartha Lakes Mums: Beauty and the Beast Favourite Resources
Beauty and the Beast stories are found in many cultures around the world and are classified as "Lost Husband Tales" or Animal Bridegroom stories. Typically, Beauty and the Beast tales involve a husband that needs to be transformed into their true form by the love of a good woman.  Readers are cautioned through such tales to not judge a book by it's cover. Can you think of a few similar stories?The Beauty and the Beast tale at the heart of the popularized Disney version was heavily influenced by fairy tales told in by Charles Perrault in the parlours of France in the 1700's. Like many fairy tales, the first version was written by Madame Gabrielle-Suzanne de Villeneuve in 1740 as a novella for an adult audience. Later the tale was adapted for children with moral lessons added by Madame Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont in 1757. If you'e interested in cross-cultural Beauty and the Beast stories, a great resource is Beauty and the Beast Tales from Around the World by Heidi Heiner.
See Beauty and the Beast Tales from Around the World by Heidi Heiner :Amazon.ca 
Heiner's Beauty and the Beast  collection offers over 180 Animal Bridegroom tales from around the world. Animal Bridegroom stories have warned and thrilled readers for at least two millennia. Some of the tales in this collection are new translations, a few appearing for the first time in English. Whether you are a student of folklore or an armchair enthusiast, this anthology offers a diverse array of tales with a unifying theme that both entertains and educates, all gathered for the first time in one impressive collection. length book.  Heiner has penned several Fairy tale collections including Cinderella, tales, Frog Prince Tales,  Princess in Tower Tales. See More Heidi Heiner Fairy Tales from Around the World Collections on Amazon.ca

Beauty and the Beast Teaching Resources

Teachers Pay Teachers, a site where teachers, home schoolers and artists can sell clip art, templates, lesson plans, used books and even ready to use worksheets, has a number of resources including some free samples. While most of the resources are written in American English, there are a few in Canadian English as well. Here are a few of the resources we found on Teachers Pay Teachers.:
Free-Beauty and the Beast- 2 pages of Free Vocabulary cards by Danielle Fetzer -TPT
Little Red's Beauty and the Beast Clip Art by LittleRed is part of a full Fairy Tale Collection
This can be purchased and used to create more resources for resale. $5

Amazon Canada  offers a number of great resources including audio texts for ESL learners. Here is my handpicked selection from Amazon Canada:

Beauty and The Beast Costumes and Crafts

Here are a few Beauty and the Beast crafts we discovered:
Rose Stamping - Crafty Morning
Beauty and the Beast - How to Draw Belle -Easy Drawing Tutorials
Beauty and Beast Magic Mirror -Joyfully Weary
Craftsy has free and paid patterns Beauty and The Beast fans will love:
Belle of Beauty and the Beast Cross stitch with Princess Pals
How many can you name?
Belle of Beauty and the Beast Crochet Doll Pattern 
Belle- Graph for Afghan
Belle- Christmas Ornament Pattern $1.56
Not Crafty? Buy Costumes has a sale on right now. Get an extra 15 to 20% off all costumes site wide with coupon code buy15 at checkout and get $10 FREE party Bucks. with a $50 purchase.
Beauty and Beast Prince-Adult Costume Buy Costumes
Beast Adult Costume- Buy Costumes
Beauty and Beast :Belle Ballerina Costume- Buy Costumes
Belle - Adult Costume-Buy Costumes

Beauty and The Beast Performances

Academy Theatre Lindsay presents Disney's Beauty and The Beast

Beauty and the Beast Academy Theatre  Lindsay Performance Poster
Belle, a girl dissatisfied with life in a small provincial French town. is constantly trying to fend off the misplaced affections of the conceited Gaston. The Beast is a prince who has been placed under a magical spell in order to teach him the importance of love. A wrong turn taken by Belle's father, causes the lives of Belle and the Beast to intertwine. Time and circumstances set the stage for Belle to discover and release the prince within the Beast so that they may live happily ever after.
Production Notes:
This production is directed by Alison Ayres and Szabina Kitchen with musical direction by Eric Smeaton and choreography by Alana Collver. The cast features local favourites including: Hannah Klose, Alex McLeod, Kyle Merrithew, Scott McLeod, Sue Smeaton, and Andrew McFadden along with 28 other cast members.
Tickets are $25.00 for adults and $22.00 for children under 12. Member discounts are in effect.
Show times are: November 7 at 7:30pm November 8 at 7:30pm November 9 at 2pm November 14 at 7:30pm November 15 at 2pm and 7:30pm Visit the website in the links below to purchase tickets.
Here is a playlist of Beauty and The Beast Performances and craft tutorials you may enjoy:

What do you love best about Disney's Beauty and the Beast?
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