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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Kawartha Lakes Adopts LED Money Saving Solutions !

Kawartha Lakes LED Lights Saving Tax Money - An Idea for Your Home? 

City of Kawartha Lakes is making the switch to LED street lights for three communities. This initiative is expected to save tax dollars in two ways - not needing replacement for many years, using less electricity, and perhaps even lowering road collisions with improved lighting. What is puzzling is their choice of company for the project - Honeywell. Honeywell lists almost every country in the World on their website except.. you guessed it Canada! Are there Canadian companies? Yes.
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Here is the Press release from City of Kawartha Lakes.
Could your home or business benefit from using LED lights?

Kawartha Lakes LED Street Lighting Upgrade Project

The City of Kawartha Lakes is undertaking an energy efficient LED street lighting project to 911 existing street lights throughout Kawartha Lakes in the communities of Coboconk, Bobcaygeon and Fenelon Falls.
The project is expected to begin in late January 2015 and will be completed in early spring of 2015.Honeywell Canada was the company selected to undertake this project. We expect that there will be minimal disruption to the public during the installation period. Work will be completed during regular business hours and lighting on the roadways will not be affected. You may experience traffic control situations on some streets to ensure the safety of workers, pedestrians and motorist, however we expect delays in traffic flow to be minimal.

LED Lighting Offers Substantial Savings

LED technology is seen as a more dependable and energy-efficient form of lighting compared to traditional streetlights. LED fixtures are estimated to reduce energy consumption by as much as 70 % in addition to providing significant savings in maintenance costs. LED lights could last as much as five times longer than standard streetlights with little maintenance required through their life cycle. This presents an opportunity for significant savings.

LED Lights Shed New Light on Surroundings 

The new LED fixtures are expected to distribute a white light compared to the more yellowish light that comes from the existing High Pressure Sodium (HPS) fixtures. Residents should notice the difference with the LED streetlight fixtures as they are installed in the weeks that follow.
For more information on the City of Kawartha Lakes LED Streetlighting Pilot Project, or to provide your feedback, please see the contact list in the related links below.
Perhaps you'd like to ask why they are not using a Canadian company.
 Would you be interested in a group buy for LED lights for your home?
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