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Monday, 13 April 2015

Can You Click? Your Vote Could Win Kawartha Lakes Boys and Girls Club $1K!

Cable Cable Needs Votes for Boys and Girls Club Fundraiser!

Update: Votes are in! USe the links below on May 27 to see the results when they're all tallied up!
Cable Cable, local cable television programming is looking forward to helping Kawartha Lakes Boys and Girls Club $1000, but they need our help.
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Can you vote and help spread the word?
Here are some details on the voting.


NOMINATION EXCERPT: The City of Kawartha Lakes is a very rural community, and the opportunities for children and youth to get active are limited. The Boys and Girls Clubs of the Kawartha Lakes attempt to offer these services in their community. If not for the support of CABLE CABLE, the reach of the Boys & Girls Club would be limited.
image Children holding Banners Kawartha Lakes Boys and Girls Clubs -Great Place to Be
Kawartha Lakes Boys and Girls Clubs -Great Place to Be
CABLE CABLE has provided us with opportunities to promote our programs at no cost. Beyond providing access – they have lent their professional skills to improve the quality of our marketing, and they continue to support our events with their time and resources. They could easily just send a message offering to post information to the community, but instead have taken the time to sit down with our staff, discuss concepts, provide guidance and assist in the development of our marketing productions, without any expectations of financial gain.
Club programs in the areas that CABLE CABLE serves have grown from roughly 150 participants to over 1,500 participants in the past 4 years. There is no doubt that the support of CABLE CABLE has led to more children and youth accessing the necessary physical activity they need. In many of these communities, this may be the only weekly opportunity that these individuals get to be active outside of school.
CABLE CABLE Inc. is a leader in our community and should be recognized for their contribution. Their involvement has made a huge difference for our organization, the families we work with and the community as a whole.

Cable Cable Short Listed for Two Awards!

Head over and vote for Cable Cable each day to help them win $1000 for the Lindsay Boys and Girls Club, and while you're there, also vote for local cable personality - Grandpa Chris!
Kawartha Lakes Videographer and Cable TV Personality Grandpa Chris
Here's an opportunity to put Kawartha Lakes on the media map! Vote every day and share with your friends!

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