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Monday, 1 June 2015

#Ad Making Money Blogging - Infolinks Great Adsense Alternative!

Kawartha Lakes Mums Readers Ask - How Can I Monetize My Blog? A. Have You Tried InfoLinks? 

Infolinks recently unveiled new advertising units that promise to increase ad revenue 3x, so even if you previously tried Infolinks, perhaps it's time to revisit it.
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How does Infolinks work? Discover Infolinks for yourself on their website or read our two cents worth. Interested in our two cents worth?
 We hope this is helpful.

Infolinks - An Overview 

Infolinks has been paying publishers since 2007 for allowing them to post ads on their website.We've heard that the application process for Infolinks is a bit less rigorous than Google Adsense, so if you're a new blogger and do not have a lot of content on your blog yet, Infolinks may be a great solution for you. 

How Does Infolinks Work?

Infolinks is similar to Google Adsense in that the content of ads generated for your viewers is based on an algorithm that takes into account two things: 
  1. What your readers just viewed, and 
  2. What they are currently reading.
Infolinks differs from Google Adsense in the manner the ads are delivered. With Infolinks the ads are designed to eliminate banner blindness in several ways. Here is an overview of the types of ads Infolinks now offers.

Types of Infolinks Advertising 

Infolinks several types of advertising including affiliate advertising.
  1. Infolinks Affiliate Advertising currently allows you to make 10% of any referred accounts ad revenues for the first 12 months. This is one major difference from Google Adsense. Not publishing with Infolinks yet? It's easy and free to sign up for Infolinks - try it for yourself now. Sharing Infolinks Affiliate Advertising can be done in several ways including sharing your link by email, writing blog posts,, or posting Banner ads like this:
    Infolinks Now Offers Affiliate Advertising
  2. Infolinks InText advertising. The first type of advertising Infolinks offered, these links overcome banner blindness by linking words in your posts to specific ads.You can customize the link placement by colour, number of words that are linked and which posts contain InText links. Here is a screen shot of Kawartha Lakes Mums InText Customization. If you do affiliate marketing, you may want to choose a different colour for your InText Infolinks.
    Infolinks Intext Ads Overcome Banner Blindness
  3. InFold Infolinks Ads. Since InFold advertising is a bit new and unique, it's estimated that by adding InFold to your pages, you will see a CTR rate of 4% from InFold alone. On the other hand your readers may find if intrusive - we did so discontinued this type of Infolink on Kawartha Lakes Mums.
    InFold Infolinks Advertising - Pop Up 
  4. InFrame Infolinks. We recently turned on InFrame Infolinks with a click of a the mouse. InFrame Infolinks allows you to customize the behavior of the Infolinks script on your website’s pages. By turning InFrame on, you can quickly and easily change the settings of your account to fully maximize your revenues with Infolinks. Here is a screen shot of our In-Frame Customization page.With the InFrame ads, they approach from the left, right or both sides. If you are using Google Adsense banner ads, be sure they aren't blocked by the Infolinks InFrame ads, or you may see a drop in ad revenue.
    Infolinks InFrame Ads - Slide in From Sides
  5. InScreen Infolinks Ads. Inscreen Infolinks ads are one of the newest ad offerings from Infolinks and can be customised as to colour and timing of when the InScreen ad will be shown. Would you choose to show the InScreen ad on entering, leaving or on internal links? We are experimenting with the internal links rather than entering or exiting. Which setting would you choose for your site?
    InfoLinks New InScreen Ads Where Would You Choose?
  6. Infolinks InTag Advertising. While Infolinks InTag advertising has been out for a while, Infolinks has just added a new twist to this popular ad type. The traditional InTag advertising customization allows you to choose the colour of the tag links, and their placement as shown in this screenshot of our Infolinks Customization page. For these traditional InTag links, I'd recommend using the same colour as your regular links.
    Infolinks InTag Traditional Ads
  7. NEW Infolinks InTag Revenue Booster Ads. Just recently rolled out, we believe the new InTag Revenue Booster Ads will really make a difference in Infolinks Revenue. By turning on the InfolinksInTag Revenue Booster option, you now will get two additional types of InTag Ads: intent Triggered display banners and Premium Content Recommendations. Did you catch the March 19 2015 Infolinks blogpost about this feature? In the picture above you can see we've turned on the InTag Revenue Booster option. What do these types of ads look like? Here is a screen shot from the Infolinks site showing the tree types of InTag ads now available through Infolinks. For us the most exciting type is the Premium Content ads. There are several companies offering these types of ads, but you need a HUGE readership to qualify on their site, and Infolinks is a great way to access this type of advertising for new sites. 
    Infolinks InTag Ads - Now Offer Increased Options

        Discover Infolinks for Yourself Here or Keep Reading.

How Do You Sign Up For Infolinks?

Signing up for Infolinks is easy. You just need a website and an email address. You can sign up using your Facebook sign in or fill in the form using your email address. After entering your info, just watch your email for your approval - this usually happens in the first day. If you write multiple blogs, setting up Infolinks on all your sites is quite simple after your first site is approved.
Signing Up For Infolinks is Simple
What do you think of the new Infolinks advertising options? Check out Infolinks for yourself. We'd love to hear how Infolinks is working for you!
What do you think of the new Info links ad offerings?
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