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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Happy Fathers Day to Unusual "Dads"!

Kawartha Lakes Mums Asks: Is Your Family Outside the Norm? 

Family oriented holidays can be hard for those whose families don't fit the definition of a "typical family".This Fathers Day quite a few outsider type "dads" are getting recognition through various social media channels. Are you, like me, one of these "outsider type dads"?
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What types of outsider dad types did we find salutes to today?
Here are a few examples. By the way, you might want the tissue box ready when you watch some of these

Happy Father's Day to Unusual Dads 

Happy Father's Day to Mums who play both roles - mother and father.  My youngest daughter wished me a Happy MoFathers Day today. Are you a woman who is mother and father to your children too?
There are many reasons a woman may be both mother and father. Angel Soft put together this great salute to mums like us - women who are soft and tough at the same time.
Happy Fathers Day to Mums- Angel Soft Ad
Happy Father's Day to Dads who have lost children. There are also many reasons men may be celebrating Father's Day without their children.
image Father embracing unbornchild through mother in grey tones
A Poignant Father's Day Post About Fathers of Still Born Children
One very poignant post by Kendra Broekhuis "We both Lost Our Child, but It's Different", addresses the heartache of fathers of stillborn children. In Kendra's post, she compares her feelings of loss with those of her husband and helps those of us who may not have experienced this type of loss have a better understanding, so we can better support friends who have been through the loss of an unborn child.
Happy Father's Day to people whose  fathers are no longer with us. For many of us who miss our fathers on this day, it can be extremely difficult to even think of Father's Day at all. Even if a father wasn't "Father of the Year" material, Father's Day can be filled with wishes of if only.
Have you seen the movie Touching Home starring 4 time Oscar nominee Ed Harris?
Touching Home - 2010's Most Heartfelt Movie
Do you know the story behind the film?
The book Either You're In or You're In the Way  chronicles the journey of the twin brothers who made the film, Touching Home in tribute to their alcoholic father who died alone in a jail cell.
Here is the description from Amazon:
 When identical twin brothers Logan and Noah Miller's homeless father died alone in a jail cell, they vowed, come hell or high water, that their film, Touching Home, would be made as a dedication to their love for him. 
Either You're in or You're in the Way is the amazing story of how -- without a dime to their name nor a single meaningful contact in Hollywood -- they managed to write, produce, direct, and act in a feature film alongside four-time Academy Award nominated actor Ed Harris and fellow nominees Brad Dourif and Robert Forster. Either You're in or You're in the Way is a mordern-day Horatio Alger on steroids -- a fast-paced thrill ride of heartbreak and redemption that will both captivate and inspire.
What unusual tribute to fathers have you seen this Father's Day?
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  1. Do you know any unusual fathers hat are outside your usual department store greeting card scope?


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