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Sunday, 26 July 2015

#AD #Freebie - Teach Your Pre-Schooler About Bacteria [Free Printable]

Kawartha Lakes Mums Asks: How Can You Teach PRe-Schoolers About Bacteria?

Little ones are constantly popping things indiscriminately into their mouths. This limited time Freebie, can be a big help teaching pre-schoolers about bacteria.
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image Freebie -Until July 28   Pre-School Teaching Freebie - Bacteria All Around
Pre-School Teaching Freebie - Bacteria All Around
How can you teach pre-schoolers about bacteria? Available until July 28th as a Freebie, this Educational Health Freebie, Bacteria All Around,  may be just what the doctor ordered!
Here are a few details about this limited time freebie:

Teach Preschoolers About Bacteria- 1 Week Teaching Unit - Bacteria All Around

Introduce your child to the wonderful world of bacteria with this inquiry-based unit, Bacteria All Around. The lesson activities are not only hands-on and fun, but they also help your child build deeper knowledge and skills across multiple learning foundations.
By the end of your week, your child will be able to answer these project-based inquiries:

  • What are bacteria? 
  • What do they look like? 
  • Where do bacteria live? 
  • How can good bacteria help me? 
  • How can bad bacteria harm me? 
  • How can I help good bacteria grow? 
  • How can I fight bad bacteria?

What do you like best about this freebie?
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