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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

#AD Students In Your Home? Check Out Grammarly Plagerism and Grammar Checker!

Kawartha Lakes Mums Recommends Grammarly Plagerism and Grammar Checker! 

Mum! How do you spell...?
Is it him and me or...
Your or you're ?
Do you have students in your home?
Then you will love this great tool!
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The #1 Writing Tool
While spellcheckers are handy, they won't help with choosing the correct word.
Are you familiar with the little poem that pokes fun at spellcheckers?
Well, Grammarly  not only checks spelling, but helps you improve  your  grammar as you use it.
If we'd had Grammarly, then we might not have shared headlines like:
Seniors Lynching at Legion!  Join the Fun!
Grammarly would also make a great teacher gift as it even has an option to check for plagiarism! 
How would you use Grammarly?
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