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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

November 27 Kawartha Lakes Church Presents: Persecuted Christians Speaker!

Kawartha Lakes Families Curious About Persecuted Christians?

Kawartha Lakes families often hear bits and pieces about persecuted Christians.
November 27th Cameron Community Church  will welcome a Dave Martin from Voice of the Martyrs who will share an interesting Powerpoint presentation about how Christians around the world are being persecuted and what can be done to help.
image Dave Martin Voice of Martyrs Canada Volunteer photo Kawartha Lakes Cameron Community Church
Dave Martin Voice of Martyrs Canada Volunteer 
In addition, Shirley and Roger Pavy of  The Lighthouse Ministry in Song will be leading Worship, and there will be a lunch afterwards for those who wish to stay and chat.

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Who is Dave Martin?
Here is a bit of information about Dave.

 Dave Martin Volunteer Ambassador, The Voice of the Martyrs Canada 

Dave is a Volunteer Ambassador with The Voice of the Martyrs Canada (VOMC), a non-denominational ministry that supports persecuted Christians around the world. He speaks to Christian congregations and church groups on behalf of our brothers and sisters who have, and continue to, suffer terribly simply for being followers of Jesus. Dave counts it a privilege to represent VOMC, its late founder, Rev. Richard Wurmbrand, and his wife, Sabina.
Reverend Wurmbrand was a Romanian pastor who spent fourteen years in a Communist prison because he would not give up on his faith in Jesus Christ. Sabina spent three years working in a slave labour camp on the Danube River.
Persecution is not a pleasant topic, but unfortunately, it is the reality for millions in the Body of Christ in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and parts of Central and South America. Sadly, each year thousands of our brothers and sisters in Christ become martyrs for Jesus. Although the media reports a few of these stories, David finds that wherever he speaks, most Christians have never heard much of what he shares with them. Today there are more than 200 million Christians in at least 60 countries who are suffering for their faith every day, yet they remain largely forgotten by the church in the West.
 Jesus instructed us to love each other, and Christians overseas are just as much our brothers and sisters as the members of our own congregations. For millions of Christians today, it is a very costly decision to convert to Christianity. They can lose their family, their property, and their job. Often it means risking years spent in prison, enduring torture and, in many cases, their lives. 
The verse which has been the theme for VOMC since 1967 is Hebrews 13:3
 “Don’t forget about those in prison. Suffer with them as though you were there yourself. Share the sorrow of those mistreated, as though you feel their pain in your own bodies.”
 Jesus told us that we will be persecuted if we follow him. Many people forget that the New Testament was written by persecuted Christians to persecuted Christians. Some of us have also failed to recognize that persecution is normative for the followers of Jesus, both historically and scripturally. The Holy Spirit broke Dave’s heart for the persecuted church in 2013 and he joined VOMC about a year after that. God has allowed him to preach several times in various denominations during their services, at men’s/women’s/seniors’ groups, and at the Teen Challenge Centre in London.
Dave and his wife have three sons and five grandchildren. In addition to visiting them often, they are active in their local church hosting a small group each week in their home and sitting on the committee of their seniors’ group. David also volunteers for the City of Kawartha Lakes John Howard Society in Lindsay, ON where he spends one full day per week helping male inmates at the local maximum prison (Central East Correctional Centre). He meets with at least 300 men per year one-on-one, face-to-face.
You will want to save the date and invite friends to hear this very informative speaker.
Cameron Community Church is located at 4075 Highway 35 Cameron Ontario - just west of Lindsay , and south of Fenelon Falls. You can find out more about Cameron Community Church events on their website at CameronCommunityChurch.org
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