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Sunday, 31 July 2016

Smoking - Secret Weapon Ontario Businesses Use to Cut Costs!

Kawartha Lakes Mums Shares High Smoking Costs Affecting Businesses! 

Smoking -recent business studies show smoking employees cost businesses big bucks!
This post shares the high costs that businesses are forced to pass onto consumers when they have smoking employees, and a new secret weapon Ontario businesses are using to combat this drain on their resources.
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Just how much do smoking employees cost businesses?
Workplaces that offer tobacco-free work environments have been shown to be more productive. When compared to smokers, non-smokers take fewer sick days, use fewer health care resources and are overall more productive in their jobs*.

Study Shows Business Costs Per Smoker

The Conference Board of Canada updated its 1997 study on the costs to employers who employ smokers, and it found that the total costs have increased from $2,565 per smoking employee in 1997 to $3,396 in 2006.
This cost is due to a combination of

  •  increased absenteeism 
  • decreased productivity
  •  increased health/life insurance rates
  •  increased facility maintenance and cleaning 
Considering the impact of smoking on the workplace, it is beneficial to encourage and support your employees to join The First Week Challenge Contest.
Offering your employees an opportunity to win $500 through this  challenge is a great incentive and can bring some relief to your bottom line.

How can Employers Promote The First Week Challenge Contest in the Workplace? 

  •  Put up posters in locations such as lunchrooms, cafeterias, lounges, locker rooms and health and wellness centres. 
  • Use your intranet to post news about The Challenge and provide a link to www.firstweekchallengecontest.ca. 
  • Launch The First Week Challenge Contest formally in the workplace by setting up a health fair, holding a “lunch ‘n’ learn” or creating an event. 
  • Hold a company Challenge - give away prizes and incentives to smokers who quit. 
Get free help to get started!

Contact First Week Challenge for free materials, such as posters, hand-outs and other ideas.
 E-mail: firstweekchallengecontest@ontario.cancer.ca
Call: Smokers’ Helpline at 1-877-513-5333 to speak to The First Week Challenge Contest team

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Are you promoting the First Week Challenge?
What are some of your business cost cutting strategies?
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