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Friday, 19 August 2016

CBC Rebroadcasts Omemee Comedy Episode!

Kawartha Lakes Mums Asks Did You See the Giant Omemee Bidet? 

Omemee Coronation Hall is on the North East corner of Highway 7 and Sturgeon Road.
Omemee has been waiting a long time for upgrades to their sewer system, but a giant bidet? Well, to understand this joke you will need to watch the rebroadcast of CBC comedy road show Still Standing.
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The following was originally  posted on Omemee Pigeon eFlyer.

Omemee Giant Bidet?

Thanks to Doug Kennedy for this news tip.
CBC comedy show Still Standing visited Omemee Ontario to share personal insights about the glue that keeps Omemee going.
The broadcast featuring stand up comedian Jonny Harris will be rebroadcast next week if you missed it the first time.
When will it be broadcast?

Here are some details from the CBC website.

About Still Sanding

Still Standing follows Canadian comedian Jonny Harris as he sets off across the country once more, veering off the main highway to discover the hidden comedy in Canada's far-flung small towns.
Each week, Jonny takes a hilarious and heart-warming journey to find humour in the unlikeliest of places -- small towns on the ropes. After immersing himself in the lives of local characters and unearthing the tall tales in these tiny towns, Jonny delivers a rousing original stand-up comedy routine -- a toast, not a roast -- for the whole community.
 From coast to coast to coast, Still Standing showcases Canada's vast beauty and highlights the country's unique and diverse characters. Viewers ride shotgun with Jonny on the ultimate cross-country road trip.
In season 2, Jonny makes doughnuts in the Haida community of Skidegate B.C., trades stories with Neil Young's childhood friend Goof in Omemee, Ontario, visits the world's most northerly mosque in Inuvik, N.W.T., joins a seniors' ukulele group in Georgetown, P.E.I....and much more. In the Omemee episode, Jonny meets Neil Young's childhood friend, takes rifle shooting lessons from the town doctor, and goes adventure diving in a swimming pool.
 "There is a town in north Ontario / With dream comfort memory to spare." 
This one lyric written by Neil Young in 1969 is something Omemee residents always talk about — a reference to their small village where the great songwriter spent several formative years. But that may be little comfort in a time when this village has suffered one economic blow after another.

 5 facts about Omemee, Ont. 

  1. Population: 1,247 (as of 2011).
  2. Omeemee is a community located in Southeastern Ontario, between Lindsay and Peterborough — specifically, within the city of Kawartha Lakes. 
  3. It was the early childhood home of musician Neil Young, and of his father, author and sportswriter Scott Young. 
  4. The town is also known as the birthplace of Lady Eaton, the wife of Toronto department store president and heir Sir John Craig Eaton. 
  5. The ghost town of Omemee, North Dakota was named after Ontario's Omemee, as the former's first post master hailed from the latter. 
Omemee, has seen better times. Today the factory is closed, main street businesses are boarded up and the residents shop out of town. While “Omemee” may sound like a place filled with self-centred egomaniacs, it’s the community’s will to work together that has them feeling anything but “helpless, helpless, helpless”.
The Omemee Still Standing episode will be rebroadcast August 23, 2016 at 9 p.m. or 9:30p.m.NT
 Do you think they captured the essence of Omemee?
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