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Monday, 15 August 2016

Why Are Fire Fighters Going Door To Door?

Kawartha Lakes Mums Asks: Are You Ready for Fire fighters at Your Door?

Fire fighters are going door-to-door in City of Kawartha Lakes checking smoke alarms and Carbon Monoxide detectors.
Are you ready for firefighters the to come to your home?
This post has tips on preparing for unexpected visitors, as well as the press release from City of Kawartha Lakes.
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Do unexpected visitors at your door cause a knot to form in the pit of your stomach?

 Perhaps, like me, you're recovering from major surgery and your physical energy is used up by things like brushing your teeth.

Perhaps, you have children that will destroy a perfectly clean home like a tornado.
Perhaps, you have a dog or cat that occasionally goes berserk when you are out for a few minutes.
 Whatever the reason, you may find these tips helpful.

5 Ways to Deal With Unexpected Visitors When Your Home Looks Like a Disaster Zone

  1.  Choose your attitude. When the door bell  rings unexpectedly choose to think positively . Who knows perhaps someone entered you in a contest to win maid service for a year! Go to the door with that expectation. Fling the door wide in faith and exclaim "Am I ever glad you came. I have been praying for help with this mess!" 
  2. Tactfully tell them to call first the next time. Do these people  actually need to come into your home? If not say,"It's so wonderful to see you.I wish I'd known you were coming.  I'm headed into the shower right now. Do you have my number? Great! Give me a call next time you're able to visit."
  3. Use Distraction. Do they need to come in? Keep up a steady flow of  chatter to distract yourself and perhaps them from the huge mess.
  4. Use honesty.Is your place a mess because you are really sick? No one expects a sick person to be up out of bed. Just say , "Look, I'm really not up to company right now. I'm [recovering from surgery for uterine cancer]y [insert your ailment]. You can come in,but I need to lie down. " Then let them decide how badly they need to be in your home right now.
  5. Get some expert advice. Here are some helpful books. You may find useful.

Kawartha Lakes Fire Rescue Service Carbon Monoxide Alarm Program is underway

 KAWARTHA LAKES—Kawartha Lakes Fire Rescue Service will be going door-to-door until October 2016 educating the public on smoke alarm legislation and safety as part of the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm Program.
 “The program will help to ensure that every household in the City of Kawartha Lakes has adequate working smoke and CO alarms” explains Fire Chief Mark Pankhurst. “Legislation requires every home to have working smoke alarms on each level, including the basement and monoxide detection outside of bedrooms”. 
 The program is a campaign involving door-to-door smoke and CO alarm checks, tests, installations and fire safety literature distribution by Fire Service staff. Fire fighters will knock on resident’s doors and provide them with a package including information on smoke/CO alarms and fire safety that could help save their lives.
 If residents have received a program package but were not home and would like the Fire Department to return or would like more information, they can contact the Fire Prevention Division at 705-324-5731. For more information on fire safety, please visit the Ontario Office of the Fire Marshal Website at www.ofm.gov.on.ca.
Has a smoke alarm or CO2 Detector saved your family?
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