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Thursday, 1 September 2016

#Alert Will Your Carbon Monoxide Detector Protect You?

Kawartha Lakes Mums Asks: Does Your Carbon Monoxide Detector Pass? 

Beware! These Kijiji sold carbon monoxide detectors lack two very important pieces of ID.
Kawartha Lakes Fire services reshared an important alert about some Carbon Monoxide detectors being sold on Kijiji.
Do you know what to look for to ensure safety when buying a carbon monoxide detector?
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Where lifesaving electronic equipment is concerned, saving a few dollars by purchasing knock off equipment is no saving.
So what is wrong with the carbon monoxide equipment being sold on Kijiji?

Here is what was missing from the carbon monoxide detectors on Kijiji.

Beware These Carbon  Monoxide Detectors May Not Detect Squat!

Did you know not all carbon monoxide detectors are created equal?
Apparently, some carbon monoxide detectors being sold on Kijiji are missing two very important pieces of ID to show that they are approved.

Did you know that if you buy a carbon monoxide detector without these certifications they will not pass the fire safety inspection?

Whatever money you plunk down for a carbon monoxide detector without these certifications may just as well have been spent on play doh, so your child could create one for you. 

Here is the picture from Twitter of the Carbon monoxide detectors that are lacking the certifications. 
Alert- Illegal Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Lack CSA & UL 
Check your carbon monoxide detector and make sure it has both 0CSA and UL approvals.
Have you seen other electronic items for sale missing these important safety certifications?
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