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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Police Warn -Beware Scammers Requesting Large Sums!

Kawartha Lakes Families warn Your Neighbours!

Kawartha Lakes police are warning City of Kawartha Lakes residents to be on guard against scammers requesting large sums of money in get rich quick schemes after two more residents had large sums of money stolen from them.
img Representing Kawartha Lakes Residents Shocked Money Does Not Return - Man with shocked expression watches monet fly away
Kawartha Lakes Police Warn
Your Money May Not Return
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What scam is running rampant in Kawartha Lakes now?

Here is the press release from City of Kawartha Lakes Police.

Kawartha Lakes Residents Fall Victim To Get Rich Quick Scams

img City of Kawartha Lakes Official Police Logo red blue and silver
City of Kawartha Lakes Police 
Two more Lindsay residents have fallen victim to the dreams of getting rich quick as scammers continue to target our area.
 In one incident, the resident was contacted and asked to forward money as an investment they had made some time ago had finally come good. The victim forwarded $800.00 via a money transfer in return they were to receive over $4000.00 as a return on their investment. They forwarded the money and then were contacted a second time to forward more money. This is when they became suspicious and contacted police.
 In the second incident the victim was lead to believe they had won $250,000.00 and a new car in a “Reader’s Digest” contest. They were asked to forward $750.00 to claim their prize. Thankfully, the victim withheld the access number for the money gram and did not lose their money.
 Police cannot emphasize enough that you should never forward money to anyone in hopes of a large payout in the end. You should always be suspicious of those making claims, especially over the telephone or internet. Suspicions should also be raised when the callers request that you send money via a money wire or transfer through a money transfer company.
For more information visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at www.antifraudcentre-centreantifraude.ca .
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How are you helping protect your neighbour's from fraud?
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