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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Kawartha Lakes Lindsay Ex Advance Savings Tips!

Kawartha Lakes Families Need Lindsay Exhibition Savings? Try These Tips!

Victoria County Agricultural Fair aka Lindsay Exhibition or LEX is just around the corner.
Have fair prices become too much for your budget?
Here are a few budget-friendly tips that may your family enjoy the fair on a budget.

Kawartha Lakes Families Enjoy LEX - LEX Photo

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How can you go to the LEX on  a budget?
Here are a few budget-friendly fair tips that may help your family.

Budget Boosting Carnival Tips

  1. Enter fair exhibits. When you enter exhibits in the fair, you may win cash prizes. This will help offset your fair expenses.There is a flat fee for fair entries, so enter every possible category. Even if you don't think your entry is good enough, let the judges decide.I won second with cookies I thought were burnt, and a first with Christmas decorations that I cobbled together at the last minute when standing in line. See this Lindsay Exhibition post from2013.
  2. Purchase advance tickets. Advance tickets are now available online. Get some friends together and get even greater savings! Note: The online order form is a bit tricky to manage on a mobile device and only accepts Master Card, VISA,or American Express. See this tutorial we posted earlier this year. Usually, LEX advance wristbands are also available to purchase at Loblaws in Lindsay too, but we haven't been able to verify that yet
  3. ✳ Cash in on Carnival Themed Savings!
  4. Apply to volunteer or work at the fair. Many hands make light work. Your earnings can offset your fair expenses, or by volunteering a few hours, you could get free admission.We volunteered at the CNE and got free admission in the past
  5. See about Group discounts and Freebies.Are you disabled? Do you belong to a group? See if they are getting a group rate or free wrist bands on a special admission day. Traditionally, some groups such as special education classes or the CMHA arrange for free wrist bands for members and sometimes families too.
  6. Set a treat and game budget in advance.True, this can be difficult to do, but even a rough budget such as one treat and one game  with a maximum budget up to $x will help.
  7. Bring fun treats and drinks from home. Splurging a bit on take-along special treats will make concessions stand fare a bit less tempting. Try some of these couponing tips to increase your savings.Checkout 51 Home
  8. Dress for the weather. It can get cold at night. Don't want to lug a heavy blanket? Bring a reflective survival blanket, warm socks, warm knit touque, and mitts or gloves. Insulate your extremities to help retain body heat.
What budget-wise tips do you have to offer LEX attendees?
Drop us a comment, or connect with us in one of these ways. We love chatting with our readers!:
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 Cash in on Carnival Themed Savings!

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